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  1. I hope both teams do take care of business this week. It will make for a much better game next week. Lindale has always been competitive even in 5A but yes it has been a while since they competed for a district title. Just off the top of my head the last one I remember was 2011. I could be wrong but that’s the last I remember.
  2. I don’t think Lindale is over looking anyone after the Athens game
  3. After having the by week off I’m ready for this game. I watched the Kilgore/Henderson game but it’s not the same as watching your own team. I think after the way Lindale played Athens they are gonna come out firing. They need to put the pedal to the metal and put this one away fast. It’s too dangerous to let Palestine have a chance. I think If Lindale plays good they will take it by 14 at least. Thoughts?
  4. Yea the Lindale/Kilgore game should be a good one. Lindale beat Henderson 34-7 and Kilgore beat then 35-9. I know that doesn’t exactly mean anything but it is a fun side note
  5. That’s what it’s looking like. As long as there’s not an upset
  6. That’s exactly how the Lindale/Athens game went. It should have been a blowout
  7. They honestly didn’t play them well. Lindale played horrible the first half. That game should have been a blowout. I am happy for the comeback but makes me a little nervous for down the road. They can’t play like that against Palestine and especially not Kilgore.
  8. Fun fact this is the first time in 6 games Lindale isn’t leading by at least 3 td’s at the half
  9. 16-14 Athens at the half. Lindale is not playing good. This game shouldn’t be close let alone losing at the half
  10. Agreed. I think week 11 will be for all the marbles
  11. No I knew you weren’t saying that. I just meant the other guy lol
  12. Really? I hope your joking lol. You can watch film and see y’all’s “secrets”
  13. Well Lindale had another good game last night. Beat Henderson 34-7. We did have a lot more penalties than usual last night but still dominated. I believe Lindale should win this game pretty easily. I by now means think they should overlook Athens cause that’s when an upset can happen but if they keep playing like they have been they should put it away early. Thoughts?
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