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  1. Yes losing Jenkins was a huge blow but they are still looking really good this year. Passing game is on point and the defense is getting better every week. Secondary still needs work for sure but getting better. We have 2 different running backs that are decent. They are no where near Jenkins but still get yards.
  2. I think y’all are forgetting Lindale. Yes they are 1-3 but they could very easily be 3-1 and they’re non district was by far harder than most of the other teams in our district
  3. From the looks of it we are gonna have tough district. All the teams are looking pretty good record wise. Lindale is 1-3 but honestly should be 3-1. It will be fun to watch
  4. Lindale’s problem tonight was the qb. He just played really bad tonight. He threw 4 interceptions which is just not him at all. He is a really good quarterback but just had a really bad night. The good news is that was a good tough non district Lindale played and should have them ready for district. Lindale finished district last season at 2-2 so I’m not too worried about the 1-3 start. Now is when the important games begin
  5. Well Lindale only lost by 3 to Kaufman and that was because we didn’t have a field goal kicker. There were 3 different occasions that Lindale could have kicked a field goal and got the 3 points but couldn’t. Against Van flat out the refs gave them that game. I know that sounds like a cop out answer but it’s true. Anyway I’m not getting into that again. Lindale only lost by 4 to Van and that could have very easily swung our way. That’s why they could and should be 3-0
  6. I’m gonna say Lindale in a battle. Lindale still has a very good team this year. A few things to work on but overall they are looking good. They are 1-2 right now but could very easily be 3-0. That being said it’s Gilmer and if Lindale wants to win they need a perfect game from everyone. Should be a fun one
  7. That was the worst officiating I think I’ve ever seen
  8. Lol of course I do! Although I do believe Henderson will finish higher than that
  9. I agree for the most part about Lindale. They played a pretty good game but the defense does have to step it up. One huge problem we have right now is no kicker. There were multiple times we were in the red zone and should have kicked a field goal but instead came away with no points. With a kicker we would have won. Now food for thought, last year we only beat pretty much this same Kaufman team by like 5 points and that was with Jenkins. I’m just saying
  10. I think a Lindale will bounce back. Lindale and Kaufman have always matched up well with each other so it’s really no surprise it was a 3 point game. Even last year with Jenkins we only won by 5 points if I’m not mistaken. There were some bright spots but also several things to work on. Not bad for the first game though. I think Lindale will win this one by at least one td.
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