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  1. Some plays that score and some that do not.
  2. MEOC I can see him using that unique O at JT.
  3. The bold statement is not correct. 3A take very close to the same percent as 4A and 5A. There are 190 Schools in 3A, 96 will go to the playoffs. 5A has 245 schools and 4A has 250 schools and they take 128 schools to the playoffs. The percents are very close in all 3. Some Math: 5A 128 playoff Schools/ 245 Total Schools = 52.2% 4A 128 playoff Schools/ 250 Total Schools = 51.2% 3A 96 Playoff Schools/ 190 Total Schools = 50.5% 2A 96 Playoff Schools/ 235 Total Schools = 40.9% 1A 96 Playoff Schools/ 168 Total Schools = 57.1%* 6man 96 Playoff Schools/ 138 Total Schools = 69.6%* 1A & 6man have 84 schools that do not play football which causes their percents to be a little high in football but in all other sports they are at a disadvantage due to having 390 Total Schools in their brackets. 2A is the division that it is the toughest to make the playoffs out of.
  4. Both home and visitor stands have been torn down along with the press box. Had to be done for safety reasons. Bond election in November for new cafeteria, stadium and multipurpose facility that will house new weight room, JH Gym, dressing rooms, coaches office and 4 to 6 classrooms. 15 mil for all of that, hope it will pass. All JV and JH home games will be old school seating, sit in what you bring or stand.
  5. It is not that Friday night would not be a good game, it is the fact that the lower levels (JV/Freshman) games would not be the best. Arp would be risking a lot on those games. Arp probably would not be able to field a Freshman team with the numbers that they have, so the CH coaches would either lose a game or have to pick up someone else for a freshman game.
  6. Your the Master, just make them your self. Get some sand and a heat source. http://www.gtechfitness.com/glasslessgymmirrors.aspx http://independentglassandmirror.com/ http://www.apacheglassmirror.com/
  7. Make a Call to Rivercrest they my have an opening after what happened last year. Would have to meet around Tyler to play tho.
  8. I dont think he was talking about the amount of talent being like an all-star team but the amount of "attitudes". It is going to take a strong minded coach that will have to sacrifice an athlete or two to set a new attitude of hard work will pay off and that the Team always come before Me.
  9. West Rusk beat Winona Monday night by around 20. so you got that one right already
  10. Texasbob.com has it as Grass. http://www.texasbob.com/stadium/stadium.php?id=1140 but not everything on the internet is true. Great site tho for trying to find playoff game sites.
  11. The Cotton Bowl still has a grass surface I believe. At this time of the year not many coaches will chance playing on grass when there are so many Turf fields out there now.
  12. I would think that there would be some Rogers fans there at that game.
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