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  1. Guys, lets be real. Basketball is not a real sport. You can't play any sport while wearing shorts.
  2. Most coaches are just going to go work at McDonalds for the new $15 minimum wage. Then, they'll be able to get revenge by spitting on the Big Macs of all the parents that have cussed them from the stands.
  3. I read on my Q Anon site that Biden and Tom Hanks are about to be arrested and Trump will be given the missing votes. They already got the Pope. Where we go 1, we go all.
  4. I doubt any one would move from Evant to Raines. The Evant Elks are six man.
  5. Please don't confuse people with facts. Facts are confusing. Just ask our current President.
  6. There is a list of applicants floating around on Parler.
  7. How's their baseball team going to be this year?
  8. Can we please get serious for once? I mean, seriously, MYSPACE?
  9. Probably some white dude.
  10. I saw the same thing on Parlor.
  11. I've experienced a few skid marks in my day.
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