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  1. Isn't Gunter 95% rich white kids from Dallas?
  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA... Let's not get carried away by saying they have a "mind"
  3. We don't have tennis. So Carthage would probably win that one.
  4. I heard coaches were leaving practice early to beat the lines at the BBQ joints.
  5. Aren't you the guy always talking about basketball?
  6. I didn’t even know El Paso was in Texas
  7. Stepp said this is an "attractive job" on twitter... guess he doesn't check smoaky very much.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: really rich high school can afford former SEC HC
  9. If anyone on here says "Baca"- I'll lose my friggin mind.
  10. How does one go about acquiring such a magazine? The magazine section I normally pick from doesn’t cover high school sports.
  11. Just checking out that "other website" that I know how to use. But I'm back now.
  12. Did you just call me "bro"? and there are only two websites that I know how to use. Smoaky.... and another one that I can't mention or I'll get suspended again.
  13. Pretty sure they did. The board also unanimously passed a resolution that states: "You only have to wear a mask if you're a democrat."
  14. Lets keep this about TEXAS high school football. Take that Michigan stuff somewhere else.
  15. And that's more than anywhere else? seems low.
  16. how do you know that they're the biggest?
  17. any chance Allen drops to 5A next alignment?
  18. Abbott just took away the mask mandate. Probably wont affect the actions of any East Texan though.
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