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  1. I’m probably gonna beat down for asking this question, but what type of offense does Beckville run? I know I could look this up, but figured someone on here could help me out.
  2. I think Timpson gets their second win of the year at lion stadium next week.
  3. My gut says Kilgore. I think this could be the best game around next week.
  4. I think Timpsons offense is too much for Garrisons D. I remember in the last matchup, the only score for Garrison was off a blocked punt which set their offense up at about the one. I keep reading how Garrisons D has improved, but not so much about the offense. I can see this game going pretty close to how the first meeting went.
  5. Timpson scores 40+, while holding Garrison to about 7
  6. Timpson killing them selves. We’ll see if they finally settle down
  7. I had the exact number in mind.
  8. This I don’t know. Shiner, Refugio and Mason are stout. I think that would be a test like we haven’t seen yet. The possible problem I see with Timpson is they haven’t been in a tight game. I would have liked to have seen them in a position where they’ve really had to dig in.
  9. I’m gonna have to pick Timpson. I think Leon has a good program, but hasn’t been consistent enough. Their game with Thorndale sticks with me. You just can’t have that kind of lead at half just to let the team get to within a score of tying the game. Up til now, Timpson has thoroughly dominated its opponents in the second half.
  10. I saw Leon lost to Dawson, Normangee and Groveton. I get Normangee, but what happened in the other two? I’m curious to see how Timpson deals with a pass heavy offense. I do know Timpson has a very aggressive defense and teams that tried to pass suffered greatly. I’m basing this off of six games I attended.
  11. Looks like Timpsons secondary may be busy Thursday. Up til now they’ve held their own just fine. From what I’m hearing, Leon’s QB is pretty salty.
  12. I agree. Garrison showed that they are gonna be a team to be dealt with next year. I was proud for those young men last night. They represented district 10 well
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