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  1. This statement immediately disqualified you from the already ridiculous argument you try to make. You are just a trash talking troll/fanboy who is capable of no objectivity. 2020 Carthage defense would have made Aledo’s offense feel emasculated.
  2. I’m willing to bet if he went to Tulane and worked as hard as he didn’t at CHS he could get some playing time eventually.
  3. Was this other QB a starter on the JV? Freshman? Or elsewhere?
  4. I don’t know how much Jasper and Silsbee are returning, but i don’t see how Carthage won’t be #1 to start the year. With what’s coming back on defense and a decent number of offense starters, granted missing a few at key positions. Gilmer should be somewhere near top. I’d imagine PG will start start out somewhere in top 5-10. WOS as well. Was that the N/A? Lol
  5. Same for me! I've always been a Longhorn fan, but I feel like he's been greatly underserved in their offense. I can't tell you how sick I got of seeing Ehlinger run nearly every down. I'm hoping he will get to enjoy a resurgence elsewhere.
  6. I believe it! LSU, USC, OU, Texas, Texas A&M already. I'd except many more of the premier schools coming in before long. The kid makes the grades too. He will be starring on the next level for somebody eventually.
  7. The would be the only thing more impressive than this years defense. lol. Lofty goal!
  8. I am very sorry to hear that, I hope she gets better quickly!
  9. What happened to you Powerlifter? You ok?
  10. I could be completely off base here... but being that in the NFL pretty much every player on the field is huge, fast and the most elite of athletes I would think that makes nearly every collision more violent and damaging than your typical high school collision/tackle/etc. Also, the kids in high school are younger and have much less wear and tear on their bodies than NFL athletes who have been playing the game for a decade already.
  11. Dave Campbell's also needs to update their State Championship page! @MattStepp
  12. Your reply hear explains everything. Lol. I’m sorry for you. Carry on and good luck with life.
  13. I get your shtick now. You are like the CNN of smoaky. Got it.
  14. He is a textbook troll. No need wasting breath or keyboard strokes on that joker anymore. No matter how much sense and good reason you make, he will not accept that Carthage could even so much as compete. Aledo fanboy is worried that one day they won’t have the most championships any more. Plain and simple. Clear as day.
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