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  1. All it takes is one busted assignment or coverage to leave someone wide open for a score. But since our fellow Jasper dogs did it, I figure we will too. But with more points. 42-0
  2. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to run that type of offense.
  3. You could say there have been some Beardawgs, yea? Lol. Beckville and Carthage are so close together and everyone knows each other it’s pretty much the same place anyways. Beckville is like a subdivision of Carthage.
  4. The QB I do believe has lived in Beckville and gone to school there his whole life. There may be others on here who know better than I though.
  5. Loving the offensive output! I just hope when the going gets tough against some good offenses that Beckville can get some stops
  6. It’s exactly what I expected. Offense committed some very bad penalties that needs to be cleaned up as well as another bad exchange on that fumble. I think as a unit the Jasper defense was the best we have faced. But Burton from Gilmer wreaked the most havoc individually
  7. Hatten just caught his 3rd td pass of the night. 28-0 Carthage in the 4th
  8. Shovel pass to KD Bell gets Carthage down to the Jasper 6 yard line.
  9. The way we execute on 4th downs sometimes makes me wish it was always 4th down. Lol
  10. Carthage had a drive going… gets a 15 yard face mask penalty on OFFENSE. Lol don’t see that often
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