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  1. Is it bad that I was in tears from laughing when I saw this live? The coach getting flipped over into the passenger seat and then him steering it before bailing out had my side hurting for a few minutes. :lol:
  2. Why is everyone thinking WH will just be awful? The only real concern I see with them is their d-line. Which seems to always be the case recently so no real change. On offense they return their 2 year starting QB and a group of really good WRs including Aldridge (81-1417yds). They probably wont be great (never have been to be honest) but they will be around the top of the district just like all the other recent seasons. Should be a fun year.
  3. Congrats to Quincy! Very nice steal for TCU. I think Quincy will do very well there. TCU sure is doing a fine job on getting some very good players. What are the odds of TCU going after his brother, Jonathan, next year? 81 catches for 1417 yards as a junior is pretty nasty.
  4. Why would WH play a home game at your stadium? I think not..lol A good question to be, Why didnt whitehouse add more visitor seating when they were redoing the stadium a few years ago, yes they added like an extra section for the visitor band but the fan seating is not enough. You would think that your finally winning and competing in exciting games that WH would get great crowds at their home games, which they do, so why would you not add enough seating? There is plenty of room to have added seating up vertical ontop of what is already there. Its probably a reason WH dont get many playo
  5. Poteet didnt even impressed me one bit either. I cant believe they made it this far. Whitehouse really blew it this year. Players and Coaches. Real nice turn around for poteet though..
  6. SS whole stadium is a dump and not a proper 4A stadium. A team like SS deserves a nice stadium. Practicing outdoors hasnt hurt SS on Friday nights at all in the recent years so I think they could do without an indoor facility for now.
  7. Great job Chapel Hill!!! Keep it up baby :thumbsup:
  8. Was a fun game. Marshall was good as expect and always is. Wouldn't surprise me if yall pull the upset against Sherman. Any chance of getting French back by then? Sheleton had a very good game running the ball again. 138yards against a strong Marshall defense is really good. Now if we can just keep from having -30 rushing from the QB every week we wouldnt have a problem breaking the 100yard total rushing stat.. lol Jonathan Aldridge (11-223yds 3 TDs) played a great game. Its always nice when you have multiple receivers that can take it to the house at any time from anywhere on the fi
  9. anyone else wander across that radio sites "rockin thongs" section?? hah
  10. NAC's fate is now in their own hands. Cant ask for anything better.. This is pure madness
  11. http://www.q1077.com/index.php Has an internet feed if anyone needs.
  12. I wouldnt mind playing SS again, but I dont want to see a loss to Marshall. So hopefully both teams make it to have a rematch later on down the road.
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