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  1. Heard QB1 was expected to be back by the start of district. Should Nickerson be able to go against White Oak?
  2. Out of Gladewater, Tatum, Sabine, and Atlanta, the only one White Oak has at home is Gladewater. Sabine has White Oak and Atlanta at home so that could benefit them. If Gladewater or Tatum play to their potential then I think they run the table against the rest of the district. However, I also think Gladewater and Tatum have shown a tendency in the past to play down to the level of their competition. This makes both of them vulnerable to Atlanta, White Oak, and Sabine in my opinion
  3. Which of the other district teams have the best chance to knock off Gladewater or Tatum?
  4. DCTF Picks: 1. Gladewater 2. Tatum 3. Atlanta 4. White Oak 5. Sabine 6. New Boston 7. Jefferson I found it interesting that they picked Tatum over Gladewater in the Region 2 final
  5. Any DCTF magazines in East Texas stores yet?
  6. @Bclove05How will Sabine be on the OL/DL this year? Will the DE who hurt is knee be back?
  7. Sabine will be solid but, like you have stated before, the lack of speed just makes the big play difficult for them on offense and susceptible to on defense. To me, if they open up the passing game like they did the last game of the season then that would give them more big play capability. If they just pound it with Burns, Branham, and Willege then I think they will struggle against quality teams. My guess is Burns will be more confident with a year of QB under his belt and they will open up the offense more.
  8. They lose their free safety, 1 LB, and 2-3 OL. Other than that I think most of the main contributors return. The difference in White Oak this year and last was having more speed than usual. They won the district track meet last year with twice as many points as the runner up which included a kid with the 2nd fastest time in the 100 (behind DJ Allen) along with another kid winning the 200. There were only 2 seniors on the track team. Track speed doesn't necessarily translate to football speed but WO usually doesn't have much of either one. I think WO, Atlanta, and Sabine will fight it
  9. Gladewater Tatum White Oak Sabine Atlanta Jefferson New Boston Gladewater, Tatum, White Oak, and Sabine all return a lot. Not sure about the other 3 teams. Should be an exciting season. Predictions?
  10. New Diana, White Oak and Sabine advanced. Hughes Springs lost to EF
  11. Is Plunk on campus at Atlanta yet?
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