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  1. @DwightSchrute sounds like you have some inside info at LK, tell us more.
  2. Very surprising Shawn Wells or Greg Gaston wasnt named the guy.
  3. Guy from Ozona, waiting to hear his name. Nothing official though from my sources.
  4. No he’s an outsider. Don’t know who. We’re all waiting on Matt Stepp to tweet it.
  5. Hearing there’s a special board meeting tonight to name their guy.
  6. Maybe, but they’ll be waiting til the Messiah returns for that.
  7. No sir. And from my understanding neither hometown guy that applied got a 2nd interview.
  8. I know of a finalist going today.
  9. What about Farmer that used to be there? He’s at Clarksville, was very successful at Atlanta with the girls program.
  10. Hearing Kruse is gonna be the guy there
  11. Kerry Strong was seen touring the facilities this morning
  12. I heard they have their man
  13. Will Hubbard that was there get a call?
  14. She didn’t tell me she was applying. I’m getting rusty.
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