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  1. New. But, I am—and I see this crowd takes the talk pretty seriously Nonsense like CDAWG calling Argyle students brats? If you’re gunna play ref at least call this game fair meow lol I’m glad my old HS won state but I don’t see it as some kind of personal victory for myself. Nor would I actually taunt another town and team over it Congratulations to Argyle and Carthage. I don’t give 2 diddly shites which of them is hypothetically better. Both are champions today.
  2. Iol did I say it wasn’t? Or that they wouldn’t? I said I hope they keep accomplishing.... You gave a passionate retort to a slight I never made
  3. Lol maybe. Maybe not. The boys play then move on with real life. Can’t argue hypotheticals. I hope they all become accomplished adults that do t have to dwell on their high school successes
  4. Argyle is taking care of business, congratulations! Argyle would not have a chance against Carthage. Carthage would make the Argyle brats one dimensional, stopping the run, and tee off on the QB. You better be glad we dropped in enrollment, our we would own D1 this year! Glad Argyle is not the bridesmaid this year!
  5. I’d paid anything to see that game go down. Both are state champions... hard to argue hypotheticals
  6. Good form tackling on Jenkins all game. Argyle defenders hit low and in swarm. He had little opportunity to steamroll
  7. Lindale came back in the 2nd half from a 28-7 deficit to win the game. A talented team is dangerous for 4 quarters.
  8. I got him confused with Correct. I was thinking of Cooper Rodgers* Who did play for Argyle a few years ago. Im getting old....
  9. Lol well never mind I might be thinking of Cooper. It’s been so long.
  10. I bet Reagle is at the game Argyle is only a jog away from Jerryworld
  11. CJ is Coach Rogers son. I remember that little #### running to fetch footballs for us. Don’t know where the spelling errors are coming from, but yes, he is Coach Rogers’ son.
  12. Argyle is very balanced on offense. Lindale looks lost without Jenkins breaking out. QB needs to complete some passes and get Argyle out of the box. They are daring Lindale to pass
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