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  1. Yeah the second half of the game was ridiculous. You would think they would have better/moderately fair refs this deep in the playoffs
  2. Yeah that far southeast to Southwest area is terrible
  3. Carthage fans stormed my mentions for pointing out reasons why a Gilmer Vs Carthage rematch would be close(I even said Carthage would win) LMAOOOO
  4. Carthage fans stormed my comments because I said the game would be closer if they play again(not that gilmer would win) LMAOOO
  5. I never said gilmer lost because of extra prep. I said it was an advantage. I think gilmer loses that game either way. I’m just saying I think if they play again it will be closer.
  6. Carthage had extra prep weeks thanks to a hurricane and COVID. I don’t think Gilmer will beat Carthage second time around but Gilmer is a different team now than they were. And Carthage won’t get a month of preparation this time.
  7. As long as gilmer comes out and takes care of business and doesn’t screw around they should win by at least 14 and probably more
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