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  1. Google Earth. I wanted to know what I was up against.
  2. I can but there is no reason for me to. I am not trying to bash the guy. I already said I wish him and Alto nothing but the best. I just thought the Alto posters were overreacting to their hire. Then they came out of the woodworks to talk back. One even gave me his address to his trailer home.
  3. Is it a rumor if it was said in an interview in the paper?
  4. The newest member to the Mount Rushmore of Smoaky
  5. That's not even close to a home run hire.
  6. Good for them. It's always good to see a group who has it together. If you have a guy, go get em and get back to work. Good luck Alto, you earned a new fan.
  7. Definitely. I didn't mean it as a knock on Meeks. If they can find someone who wants to come in and continue to build and that plans to stay a while, they could get back to being dangerous. I don't know how you can tell in an interview if a candidate plans to stay for a long time or not, but I would make it a point to try and find out.
  8. Alto needs a coach that will come in and view Alto as a long term job, not just a job that will get them their next job.
  9. Wait, can you not be the Head Coach of 4 different teams at the same time?
  10. This is way too long of a response for me to read.
  11. Because it hasn't been officially announced yet plus whoever posts in here claiming to know could always be wrong. There's no reason to put someone's name out there until it's official. Kids and communities read this site and majority of them don't pick up on the hints posted on here.
  12. Not since Baca left the chat.
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