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  1. refs did not impact this game regardless of a call being missed here or there for both teams...hope no one believes that
  2. go Kilgore. I know pg is young but I still wish Fuller was with the hawks..missing him this year
  3. Like mentioned, I think there are prob quite a few districts that are top heavy in 5a. we’ll have to see how it plays out Forney win over north Forney last night is my point. I doubt they would have be in top 3 in this district. Thigh beat Denison last year and they finished 2nd in their district and highly doubt they would have beat pinetree prob not whitehouse
  4. Agree. Last year this district was labeled the same and 2 ...should have been 3 got out of first round against a respectable district.
  5. it’s a 3 point game at the time so you know you’re gonna go for it on 4th....don’t see anything wrong with it. 3 and 6 you have 2 plays to get the first, while still taking off around a min or so off the clock... the 3rd and 6 around the 6 min mark the ball was inside the 25 got stopped and scored on 4 and 3 to hale. They picked up a 3 and 6 on a dive play a few plays before...why not stay on the ground. Bryant had to earn every first down . If even if you had to punt make em go 90 yards to beat you .
  6. anxious to see how they finish. Had a friend tell me they looked a lot better after watching them play Poteet. This district as whole looks a lot more competitive.
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