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  1. Stay off the message board if you get your feelings hurt!!
  2. Hey read my post im not from Bryant! Go up to Bryant and see if you get all them holding calls!The game wasnt even close that is funny Lmao!
  3. Well i think some do! U dont know football if you think a miss call here and there doesnt impact a game Dorn!!
  4. Wrong play buddy! The one that your receiver was away from the play and threw the Bryant defender down definitely a 15 yarder and changed the game right their! Right before the TD in the corner of the endzone on 4th down. I know yall wont admit it but thats okay i understand homers!
  5. From an outsider I was at the game Bryant would win on a neutral field! Lot of holding calls against them and I know they hold but Longview doesnt hold? Did yall Lobo fans see your receiver throw the Bryant defender down on the series you scored the last touchdown? Should of been 15 yard penalty changes everything. The coach went crazy from Bryant for that no call dont blame him .Good Luck to both teams!
  6. Have a great day! Thats getting old but im having fun.
  7. They came to Texas one time and got beat by a state ranked team! Dont know how they are tired and Mt PLEASANT is 0 and 2 so i dont they If they are scared of them they never make the playoffs! Enjoy your three wins again this season budpan! Have a great day
  8. What is a wrong form? Learn how to spell before you get on to someone!
  9. Your stupid! Mt Pleasant is not Paris not even close! I guess AHS is faking this Covid stuff according to you!!
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