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  1. Well my prediction of 76-0. Was wrong. But hs being dumpster juice wasn't . Now that we lost to ef.I'm just gonna troll worse teams then us.. it helps me cope better.
  2. I will throw a damn party when we fire nelson. And get a true head coach. That's literally all we need. Good game ef. We will always lose games were not supposed to like we do every single year with nelson at the helm. That's a fact.
  3. Sho right. It's gonna Rain tds for Tatum all night long.
  4. I watched hs play Winny last night and I can confidently say hs might not cross the 50,not even gonna speak about them scoring. They are awful. And I watched them play against a not so good Winny team. So . 72-0 Tatum. And this is not unrealistic.
  5. I just wish y'all would come reclaim y'all's boy nelson. He's a jack
  6. I wish I was able to watch the Tatum dfield game last night. Pretty confident from what I hear Tatum has something special brewing. Tatum big. Definitely rooting for y'all to win it all in d1.
  7. That's what I'm banking on. Tatum was just to much. This is new for us we always have had debth.
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