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  1. In Case You Missed It: Glad to see Gary Joe Kinne landed on his feet. One of those love-him-hate him personalities, but count me on the love-him side for his passion More details
  2. Todd York Jim Garfield Jim Patterson Jason Heath Wild-card More bio info
  3. Wills Point names Marcus OC.. former Wampus Cat
  4. @ScoopSports (B-CS The Eagle with #txhsfb news Will Compton, the offensive coordinator at Conroe Oak Ridge, new football coach Bryan Rudder
  5. Haltom's new coach has strong Southlake Carroll history
  6. Chuck Caniford is leaving New Braunfels after 9 years to go to Clifton, reports theoldcoach. Caniford one-time Nacogdoches coach More details on Kinne
  7. Nothing better than July in College Station.. 7-on-7 state dates
  8. Announcing NYE sort of low key for a promising hire.. background details
  9. Solid program, have enough talent to get past first round? Wills Point open
  10. Had tough two years, but Erwin is clearly admin candidate or admin in another business and Erwin is way too well thought of to force him leave before Cade graduates next year if B. Erwin didn't want to leave
  11. Former La Marque state champ coach talks resignation
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