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  1. I was ask to keep it to myself for now! It’s a good one!!
  2. The choice has been made! Press conference will be as soon as the selection committee comes out of the secret location!
  3. Heard it was down to Two!! Gonna make a decision on Friday!
  4. Heard of a few names this afternoon !! One name really would be a Shocker!!
  5. Stopped at the BBQ in Tatum! Everyone is tight lipped on the New Coach search!
  6. The word at the hot spot tonite was we will have one in place next week! Former Eagle coming back to the Nest!!!
  7. Really I have seen him in Tatum the last two afternoons!!
  8. 4th in 5 years!! Some big names being mention!!! Tatum will miss Coach Hylander! Sure hate to see him leave, but you gotta do what’s best for you an your Family!
  9. Any News out of Beckville??
  10. Heard three the grape wine it’s down to three! Former coach at Tatum, carthage coachiut to prove he has what it takes an a former Beckville coach! Who will it be??
  11. Two former Tatum Head coaches on the staff!
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