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  1. Pulling for Paris, but Argyle will be hard to beat at home.
  2. I have to go with the Leopards on homecoming.
  3. Really??? We went 3 round deep in the playoffs last year, not to count the previous years.
  4. Get you running shoes on... 35 to 21
  5. Marinedad, we had this conversation two years ago. It was cold and raining. You know what happen....lol
  6. I see the line is drawn in the sand... I am riding with the Hawks!!!! Texarkana Stand up!!!
  7. Pull for the leopards. The defense is getting better.
  8. Yall beat us last year in the Playoffs
  9. I am rolling with the Leopards by 6
  10. Who do you have September 1st at Harris Field?
  11. Hard to judge this one, MP was not that good.
  12. Touchdown PG!!!! Celina 23 PG 19
  13. Gameday... How are yall feeling about the game? Paris won last night
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