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  1. Surratt comes home to LK! I bet some folks in LK would like that.
  2. I would say the nose guard and big right tackle should be FCS or d2 players.
  3. Yea Gilmer had their starting 2 inside LBers that started the season, a starting lineman at the start of the season and their top 2 running backs not playing vs Sunnyvale. Injuries are part of the game.
  4. I bet Gilmer takes them more seriously after they beat PG.
  5. Gilmer is in the quarterfinals for the 7th time in 10 years. The other 3 years the Bucks got knocked out in the 3rd round.
  6. Just curious does Malakoff have many kids move over from Athens to play ball?
  7. It will take 3 years at least of combining Surratt and Preston’s incomes to even get close to what Traylor will make in one year.
  8. Glen Rose getting beat by Community, sorry don’t know score, was an upset.
  9. There is a reason Briles went from coaching HS to winning a Big 12 championship, dude knows ball. Congrats MV
  10. What if they got Surratt to come back to Cass county. I know he won’t but think what he could do at Atlanta. He could win 7 state titles.
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