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  1. These boys Daingerfield has couldn’t sniff David Kings jock. When David King played ,Gilmer was afraid of him. Daingerfield ain’t got nobody Gilmer would be afraid of now. Edmond was a close second behind King.
  2. PG still have open enrollment?
  3. Well Gilmer came to Henderson flat last year, so I hope that doesn’t happen again.
  4. With a new staff Henderson will show a big improvement from week 1 to week 2.
  5. Hats off to SH for playing a lot of teams would have been looking for a way out.
  6. Haynes for Gilmer is a stud just in case you didn’t notice.
  7. We want to thank Gladewater staff for not using DJ Allen, thanks from all the Buckeye fans.
  8. Well good sounds like the game will continue.
  9. I am afraid after this game Johnny Gladewater ain’t gonna have the balls to play Gilmer anymore so folks better enjoy this one.
  10. How is Gwater looking during 2a days?
  11. Yep he could showcase his college potential at QB more at THigh he should have gone there in the first place.
  12. Coaches shouldn’t be making promises.
  13. If he is going to college early I am good with that, if he is just sitting out to avoid injuries I think that is lame. I knew a kid that left high school early to go to college and prepare to be a DR is there anything wrong w that?
  14. Oh wow he will help Hooks out. It is unusual for a 13 game starter to move.
  15. What happened to their QB from last year? I thought he was going to be pretty good this year.
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