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  1. Carthage is on the lines of Brownwood and Gordon Wood in their prime.
  2. Agree with you on West Rusk as long as they stay d2.
  3. In 3a div 1 Atlanta, Commerce, and Gladewater come to mind in Div 2 Pewitt, Arp, EF, Daingerfield and Hughes Springs come to mind.
  4. Henderson and Kilgore have the potential that Carthage does they have the same type kids.
  5. Johnny is a rambling man, what is the over under on how long he will stay at Gwater?
  6. Pittsburg and Mount Pleasant, Daingerfield and Gilmer, Daingerfield and Pittsburg
  7. What really makes a good rivalry is when the towns are close and players on the rival teams are related and fans have relatives or coworkers in the rival town.
  8. They need to restart this rivalry that was a long time ago. Gilmer vs Gladewater will be a good one this year. I would like to see the Morris county showdown.
  9. Carthage is on a roll it is interesting how their enrollment has dropped by 250 kids in the past 20 years. Will this continue and if so will it affect their program in the future? Of course we know the greatest factor will be when Coach S leaves.
  10. If Gladewater has a real shot to win state why did Berry leave?
  11. Spring Hill hopes football won’t happen because they will finish last in district if it does
  12. Looks pretty dang good for a soph. a lot of schools would love to have him.
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