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  1. Agree and the move in from Marshall should help fill the hole a RB.
  2. Elysian Fields revolves around Football (nothing against the other sports). Not making the playoffs the last 3 years and getting knocked out in the 1st round last year probalby did not help. I agree with the first post Good Luck coach Elysian Fields is a tough place for a AD.
  3. When did they change the name of the corner store in Elysian Fields?
  4. Yes Smoaky Nation would like to know.
  5. Elysian Fields has a lot of work to do between now and September.
  6. Arp will be good, always are. 2012 Jackets have a lot of pressure on them to to live up to the "Hype". Can they do it, maybe. Will it be hard Yes. Will they get past the first round of the playoff's who knows they have to get out of district first and that is going to be a job in itself.
  7. Might want to watch out for this guy. 5'8 150
  8. Elysian Fields is 8-2 Cooper is 5-5, so what when Friday Night gets here both are 0-0. Elysian Fields has to establish a running game to be effective with the pass and before last Friday they didn't do that. Elysian Fields has a good group of receivers that can do damage when they get their hands on the ball. The QB has to check down more instead of throwing it to the 1st choice all the time. Several times in the Waskom game the number 2 and 3 guys were open. The running back did a nice job of finding the crease and getting positive yards. Cut down on the penalties and the Yellow Jackets should get the W.
  9. May not b a district game for EF but still a good test before district starts. Wish i could say the same about next weeks game. EF pulls this one out!
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