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  1. How deep are the Lobos D-line?....if they can keep fresh legs going after Rollison and that fast paced offense...it will be a long night for SS....IMO SS only chance is to try and keep it close early and hope that Long. wears down in the 4th like in the SS-Rider game. But still I think the Lobos by 21+
  2. District opener for both teams, PG 5-0....LE 2-3 LE looking to revenge last years 9-7 loss
  3. Congrats Hawks.... looks to have been a sweep last night with LE beating Paris High also
  4. I think it will be close for the 1st half and then PG will pull away in the 2nd half. 35-21 PG
  5. New Boston might win distric....but I think the winner of the DISTRICT will be whoever wins the LE-PG game, and not really sure about NB making the playoffs, I have Pitt and Atl ahead of NB right now but alot can change before it is all over.
  6. After calling the coach this morning to find a response to your question he said "I did that just to ###### Bluepirate off" hmmm guess it worked
  7. First I never said anything about the kids living in the district....but if you want to go there are you 100% sure that they really live in the district? I have heard conflicting things from PG about different living arangements...bottom line is they are there now and that is great for PG and the community, and hope that they do well. But even you must admit if you was to look at it without your pg glasses on then something just dont seem right...if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, I am going to call it a duck even if you want to insists that those cute little ducks are home grown
  8. I never said anything bad about Kevin Davis, whom I am sure is a fine man and a wonderful coach.....but when you built your house in PG from the ground up I am sure you didnt bring your bedroom from Hooks or your kitchen from Ashdown or your living room from Idabel to complete your house you built from the ground up!!!!!!!!
  9. Now that is funny since almost all of PG's skill players played at a different school last year....not saying they were recruited (wink wink) but that is not your coach building a program from the ground up
  10. With Thigh playing out of town this week maybe they can play at Grimmmmm and keep LE's field in good shape.... :happy65:
  11. I'll take the allstar Ashdown/Hooks/pg team big over whats left in Hooks.....
  12. "Dude...how about we all just get back on topic...seeing as how T-High isn't in the topic, i find it hard to understand why we're talking about them. " Sharky - Dude you just got busted by the off-topic police....thats too funny
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