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  1. Pretty sure Scurvey wasn't from Whitehouse
  2. Pretty sure stating facts doesn't mean someone is butthurt. Once again I have ZERO fight in this game. Both teams are great teams, great programs and have had another great season. Soccer people in East Texas are proud of both programs. Hoping Kilgore brings home the third title for East Texas. Lufkin 2015 Palestine 2016 Kilgore 2017? Three in a row would be nice. Maybe start getting a little respect in the state.
  3. I see Kilgore and Ranchview in the final. What happened to Terrell? I thought they were undefeated
  4. No butthurt here. I don't have a dog in the fight. just stating a fact actually. I guess you are saying the Kilgore teams in the past used the excuse they were too tired to win state? Didn't they lose 5-0 against SE?
  5. Might be revenge but Palestine still has the RING and the STATE TITLE you guys couldn't get the last two years.
  6. Kilgore wins this one 3-1. Palestine had a great run but its time for Kilgore to get their state championship. FINALLY!
  7. Rings? Are we serious? Its not even close to real football.
  8. When was the last time the Wildcats have won a playoff game?
  9. How is it politics when coaches aren't nominating kids? I believe newspapers are cutting back so less people to cover sports stories. In return maybe coaches need to get off their rears and do a little leg work. As far as Tasco maybe have a little brainstorming to come up with the little money to join. It's all excuses for SOME coaches for not going the extra mile for their players.
  10. Yep, everyone will be playing for 2nd place. Kilgore will dominate the new division. Many titles to come
  11. Never counted them out. Just said Ennis wasn't a lot of competition. Reg semi game will be a little tougher
  12. Hmmmmmm. Bulldogs and Lady panthers are going to destroy the other teams at regionals like they have so far in the playoffs. Heck, both will win state. Is that better ruf-ruf?
  13. Dont believe Ennis is a powerhouse in soccer so Kilgore better be ready for Frisco Wakeland.
  14. Little tougher task for Kilgore. Ennis isnt a soccer powerhouse. Mabank, it was a good run. Good luck
  15. Palestine 2 John Tyler 0 Boys Heard from word of mouth
  16. when will this come out? Be full of MP and Kilgore players
  17. twotouches


    what about kids that were playing in regional tourney this weekend?
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