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  1. I saw LaMarque. Loaded with some great looking kids.
  2. From that picture 4 of those guys won't be playing football next year, graduation hit. Not that Crockett still doesn't have speed of course, just won't be those guys.
  3. This is the third year that the UIL has held the state spirit competition. It has grown in attendance each year. My wife is our coach (I don't like the word sponsor because there is so much more than that, and really do "coach") and I have a daughter on the cheer team. I am glad the UIL has taken this on, as it really is a chance for those that cheer our teams on all year long in their sports and do so much for the other programs to have their chance to compete and others cheering them on. Some of the things that some of these teams are able to do is pretty amazing. It goes way beyond yel
  4. Being from a place is no guarantee of job stability. Sometimes your hometown "friends" will be the first to turn on you. Might help a couple of years but after that it's all fair game.
  5. That's for sure, that Buna trip is something else. But when I hear of some West Texas travel I shut my mouth, I guess it could be worse. Should be an interesting alignment. Crockett goes up as well.
  6. Going good. Gonna be holding my breath until February now though. How have you been?
  7. Diboll could be placed into current District 11...Trinity, Kirbyville, Buna, Woodville, Coldspring, Warren. Kountze is dropping and that would be an easy 1 for 1.
  8. Trinity HS needs a JV and 7th grade game for this Thursday. Really need it to be a home game but will travel if necessary. Contact Eric Droddy at [email protected] Thanks
  9. Coach, This is an official invitation for your offensive/defensive linemen to compete in the 1st Annual Trinity Tiger Lineman Challenge. Those interested in participation can receive registration information from Eric Droddy, Head Football Coach Trinity High School by emailing [email protected] General Information: Saturday, May 13th at Trinity High School. Registration will be in the weight room from 8:00 am- 8:45 am. Coaches Meeting 8:45 am, competition begins 9:15 am Events include but not limited to: 1. Bench Press (185 lbs. for reps) total for 5 team members 2.
  10. 3A Trinity outside of Huntsville is looking for a 7th grade game next Thursday September 22. Would like for it to be at home if possible but will travel if needed. Contact Eric Droddy at [email protected]
  11. Trinity HS, 3A outside of Huntsville needs a JV game for next week. Will travel. Contact [email protected]
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