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  1. Let me just go ahead and put my money on the table... Jimbo Fisher is not taking the LSU job. Mark Stoops is a guy that might get looks and is realistic.
  2. He's had a rough couple of weeks. Cut him some slack.
  3. 1. Texas 2. Arkansas 3. Florida 4. Georgia 5. Baylor 6. North Carolina 7. Oklahoma 8. Pittsburgh 9. Iowa State 10. Arizona State *Tiebreaker: Texas A&M points vs Missouri 34
  4. Lots of ifs in that statement but yes. If A&M wins out and Auburn beats Bama then A&M would go to the sec title game. However if Arkansas wins out they are the one to beat Bama they will go. Same with miss st. But I don't think any of those happen.
  5. Same here. The games were so good this weekend it shut the whole system down I guess.
  6. I never thought it was realistic to get him back this year. Side note, is something wrong with the site on anyone else's end or just me? I can't access the topic page just this page.
  7. Hey I don't control the bans. I just don't think anyone should be intentionally crying to mods trying to get people banned. No matter what types of arguments me and you get into I'm not about to be that guy... And thanks for the words. The back 7 does have its issues but its also starting a true freshman at corner because the two guys ahead of him are hurt. That side of the ball has had its share of injuries too. Its really been a snake bit season for them. I don't think Calzada solidified anything in terms of starting next year though. King will still push him and at the end of the day is a better player in my opinion. But this experience Calzada is gaining this year is huge and he very well may keep the job. But Jimbo will give both guys their shot thats for sure.
  8. I watched the replay of the game and I was actually more impressed with how easily A&M moved the ball than I was in person. Other than 2 drives in the 3rd quarter A&M pretty much moved at will. Ole Rolex called a perfect game. I haven't seen him that dialed in play calling in some time. They read bama like a book and Jimbo and elko both just flat out out coached the bama staff saturday. Even more clear after just watching the replay how much the two saved for this.
  9. I'm confident enough with myself and my relationship that you feel free to say whatever it is you like. You don't know me or her. If you want to crawl up the water tower to defend your cousins honor by all means go ahead. Just don't be a kitty Kat when called out for it. It is what it is. Now move along good sir. I'm trying to talk about rolex and how he just took an offense that put up 10 points against Colorado and drug his Texas size Nads across the entire country for doubting his comments over the summer.
  10. I agree. I also think that Johnson shouldn't get his spot back either. I get bringing him in so you didn't have to take chance on a freshmen, but Fatheree has taken the job and ran with it.
  11. You cried and got me banned over a joke about your cousin. You think I'm going to get into some kind of #### contest with you about meeting up so you can get me arrested. Grow up my friend. Take your loss and move on.
  12. @JohnnyFootball you think Henson will try to get Johnson or Aki back on the field or is this the oline from here on out. I feel like everyone earned their spot at least until proven otherwise this week. I wouldn't mess with it at all.
  13. You've already showed what kind you have by getting me banned over what was clearly a joke. A well placed one that's probably accurate judging by the nerve I've hit but a joke none the less. Carry on with your loss my friend.
  14. I'll never say another word about your cousin. You have my word on that.
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