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  1. That’s being said, there was a slim chance, now there’s no chance. That’s what BP was saying. Not that he thought it was likely or anything.
  2. Yea but you know how kids are. A&M was thought to be right in the thick of things when he committed, and for a talent like that you always keep pushing. It seems like now it’s more rare to find a kid who actually honors his commitment and never waivers. Even some of the ones who sign with the original school often decommit and then still sign later. Especially when committing as early and without official visits like he did.
  3. I’m talking literal face to face contact with the HC on the high school campus. That’s not allowed but once per recruit and only for seniors. WhT typically happens is assistant coaches visit and extend verbal offers and lettered offers via email or mail. And of course they can talk to the HC on the phone and Skype and when they visit campus they can meet and stuff, it’s just the HC can not visit them until they are seniors and then only once a year.
  4. And I’m just being proactive. I knew some comment was coming from DB or somebody else about A&M cheating at some point. I just used texas for reference because OU fans and anyone else on the board typically don’t care as much.
  5. Offered a scholarship and the HC making contact are different. My understanding is only seniors can have the HC visit and interact with them and this kid was a sophomore.
  6. What I’ve read is it’s about Jimbo and another staffer being on a visit with a certain recruit when a younger player from the same school walked through and they had a conversation. Under the rules, that player was too young to be receiving in school visits from the HC so it was a violation. reportedly can’t recruit at that school for 2 years and will pay a fine and recruiting probation (nothing like a bowl ban or reduction of scholarships or anything.) its a relatively small issue and will certainly get more attention from the Longhorns on the board than it warrants. From just 2015-18 Texas reported 178 violations of this level and A&M reported 74. So these things happen much more than we hear about.
  7. Nah Jimbo isn’t concerned at all by what Mond is doing. If he gets benched, it’s 100% about his play. That being said, Jimbo is very stubborn, and I believe he rolls with Mond regardless. Jimbo has gone on record several times stating he thinks the problems with the offense are things other than QB play.
  8. I’ve seen Mond play against ranked teams. Him getting rattled by a statue doesn’t really surprise me...
  9. Exactly. Not a single statue should be left standing. I can find things that every person in the world has done that would seem racially insensitive at some point or another. Or perhaps offensive against women or offensive against LGBTQ... Not a single statue but those of Jesus Christ should be left.
  10. Im good with calzada getting his shot. He’s got much more arm talent than Mond anyways. But the only thing that might come from this is Mond just quitting the team. There’s nothing fisher or the university will do about the situation.
  11. Do you really have to ask if the university built a statue to honor someone because they owned slaves?
  12. He battled some injuries in 2019. Also, he is not one of these guys that has worked his tail off to be the best qb he can be and had private QB coaching and things like that. He is a multi sport athlete that has rarely focused on his craft outside of August-December. I think he’s just barely scratching the surface of his potential. that being said, most people like him at A&M so much because he fits Jimbos offense so well. It’s more about the right guy than the best guy if that makes sense.
  13. Cause he’s skinny. But that’s where the comparisons end. Case only got offers because of his brother. He was a marginal athlete and mediocre in every way. King is a high level athlete. Great speed for a QB, very shifty, and a gamer. He very well may not do anything at A&M, but he’s twice the player Case was at this stage. Other than both being skinny white kids, there’s really no comparison.
  14. Being a good team and having enough talent to make you look good is not the same thing. Longview had a very good team, but nobody from that team was a matchup problem for 6a football. They were just a solid well coached team. Far different from a guy like Martell who played on a team that had D1 players all over....
  15. It’s going to be a hell of a battle between him and King. Stowers is naturally more gifted, but King fits Jimbos offense like it was made for him. At this point I’m not sure who wins that battle.
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