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  1. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    Oh I’m definitely keeping my eye on it. But after last years meltdown in the 4th to lose, I’m sure A&M is too. I think at home, they handle business this time. I also think they are just overall better than auburn. But auburn will pose a challenge.
  2. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    I think 9 wins needs to be the minimum expectation. I’ll give you the loss at Clemson, but jimbo is going to have to steal one of the 3 from Bama, LSU and Georgia imo. A loss to all 4, albeit understandable given 3/4 are on the road, would not be a successful step forward building off last year to me.
  3. WETSU

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Don’t apologize for me. I am fully capable of using the ignore feature, I just don’t want to. Nobody gets news on this site. We come for the stupid #### contest. If we want news we go to the recruiting sites. This is just a local fighting pit. I would love to talk football. And me and Growl did have a productive convo earlier. There’s just one person on this site not capable of it.
  4. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    I admittedly have high hopes for the front 7. They lose a whole lot of starts it’s true, but they have some athletes filling their shoes. I’m also thinking that whatever steps backwards the defense might take, the offense will make up for with a returning a ton of experience in year 2 under jimbo. This team will basically live and breathe on Monds ability to improve on that third down percentage. He bumps that up a little bit and turns a couple of those FGs last season into TDs this year the offense should be just fine.
  5. WETSU

    UT versus A&M

    In the way I view rivalries, there can only be one. I believe a rivalry takes a special kind of “hate.” That’s what makes them fun. I’ve lived my entire life in Texas. I’ve known more Texas fans than I can count. 99% of them care more about beating A&M than beating OU. At least they did. Losing to OU ####, but losing to A&M gets Texas coaches fired. Maybe the Texas fans on this board feel differently, but y’all sure love to talk about A&M, but rarely see any mention of OU unless it’s the week of that game. You don’t see OU debates or you posting OU vs Texas threads.... I’m just saying one of these is not like the other... Its probably just because comparing Texas to A&M makes Texas look good, but comparing Texas to OU makes OU look better.
  6. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    I agree. In that system, QBs are capable of coming from nowhere though.
  7. WETSU

    UT versus A&M

    Growl.... we both know that it’s slanted to Texas when you throw stats like heisman finalist. Why not just say heisman winners? Because they are even and that doesn’t fit the argument lol You also make sure to include Texas national titles. Why not make this the true comparison and start when scholarship limits started? That’s when it was truly equal footing. And since then it’s 1 national title, and the head to head is much much closer. I’m simply saying for arguments sake let’s just compare modern times. Which is scholarship limits forward. Lastly, i 100% agree and admit that no matter the parameters, Texas has had more success in athletics than A&M. I’m not sure any aggie has ever argued different. I think what we argue is that you guys treat A&M like they are Baylor. A&M is a top 25 football program all time. The stats do not deny that. Giving A&M it’s due in no means diminishes what Texas has built. That being said, the argument you’ll always hear from me is past success does not define future success. 10 years ago I would have argued that Texas football trajectory was much higher than A&Ms. today that simply isn’t the case. Both teams are recruiting at near identical levels and both are on par with each other in terms of resources and willingness to invest to win. But I want to see you admit that A&M is the true rival of Texas. Either admit it, or stop posting this stuff and post the results against your “true” rival...
  8. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    I’m drinking the coolaid this summer. I think the defense will be better than anticipated.
  9. WETSU

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Exactly. Schedules can make the difference in a good team looking average and an average team looking good. Lots of 7 win teams would have won 10 and lots of 10 win teams would have won 7 if we flipped schedules... and that’s what I’m saying in other arguments. There are only maybe 4-5 elite teams that no matter the schedule would still be that level. Then about 30 teams that could be ranked anywhere from 5th to 35th depending on scheduling and injuries. That’s why I get so worked up over people including mid majors into the discussion. Utah st got brought up as a top 25 team and they didn’t beat a single power 5 team last year... I believe the top 25 should be the true top 25 teams. If advanced metrics and the eyeball test show me a 8-4 team is better than a 10-2 team, I think they should be ranked higher. Be ranked what you truly are, not punished for a harder schedule.
  10. WETSU

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I don’t either, but like I said what are the parameters for this debate. That determines who goes on. Let me give you my definition. My definition is a team that is talented enough and has the pieces in place that it wouldn’t be a end of the world scenario for them to be a 10+ win team. A lot of that depends on scheduling as well. For instance, I believe A&M 100% is a 10 win team in every other conference this year, but playing at clemson Bama at Georgia and at LSU is a very difficult task to get there. They could very easily go 8-4 with this schedule, but could just as easily have gone 10-2 or 11-1 with some of the other schedules of teams you mentioned. So defining success varies. If we are strictly talking wins or losses or if we factor strength of a team based off sos too. My point is, this debate could be extremely detailed and is not near as simple as hype of one conference or another. I think things like espn FPI is a very useful tool. It factors in team efficiencies and opponents efficiencies. So you can’t just do well against weak opponents and still score high in that. It takes your schedule and your schedules schedule into account. That to me is a better judge of how strong a team is rather than simply comparing records. It’s like apples to oranges comparing some schedules.
  11. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    Oh I agree on paper the game shouldn’t be close...
  12. WETSU

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    We need to set clear dates. Because for instance, Texas has been “good” only 1 year in the last 5. If that’s enough to get you in the category, then we should add several teams in each conference. Kentucky was good last year too. Do they fit? Purdue has a solid year? See my point? Now I do want to say though that I believe Texas belongs simply on potential alone, but if we are talking about results you can see where I was going with this... I hope... But I’ll accept your list. I do however have a few additions. SEC that list is accurate I suppose. I have a few arguments but I can accept it. Big 12 list also looks fine. Though TCU is falling fast. Big 10, Iowa needs to be added. They have had some decent years in there. Id even make a case for northwestern as well. They have finish ranked a couple of times in the last 5 years if I’m not mistaken (I could be.) Pac 12 I think usc must be added on potential alone. Yes it’s been a down couple of years, but they are still talented and still pose a threat every single season. They are at the least as deserving as Colorado. Utah as well. They compare to several teams you listed from other conferences. ACC needs Vtech in there.
  13. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    Baylor came dangerously close to beating Texas last year. I agree they are a game Texas fans should keep their eye on.
  14. WETSU

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Look man if you just want Texas talk go to hookem. In a mixed fan base board stuff like this is going to happen in July... My apologies for contributing, but without debates like this the board is dead. Literally like 3-5 post on the entire college forum for an entire day dead. I’ve seen it all too often. I’ll try to start limiting the amount I let DB bait me into though on this Texas topic.
  15. WETSU

    2019 Season Predictions

    I could see that as well.