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  1. Yea he was definitely a project. He didnt play much from what I saw. The staff likes him though. What I've been told is he has some tools to work with but needs the time to develop. He will never be a dominating player but they believe he can be a solid contributor and possibly a late bloomer similar to some of the other A&M starters on the oline this year.
  2. Hes your other OT and would be a huge add.
  3. Thats huge. The defense is going to be very salty.
  4. I've always thought the best way to fix this would be to split the G5 into their own national title all together.
  5. so... Is it plug and play or not? Couldn't they have just sat all 3 and been just as well off? I mean next man up is what you keep saying.
  6. I've been trying to make this point, but apparently there are Waddles in Bamas WR room
  7. Thats a poor take... No. There are not just infinite Jaylon Waddles all over bamas roster. If they were they would be beating out meachie. If there were you wouldn't see a 75% waddle getting meaningful snaps in a title game. Don't let stars fool you. Not ever stud they recruit pans out. And waddle is a superstar not just a quality guy.
  8. I can agree here. You can be competitive or you can be keep the. Traditional powers good but its very hard to protect both. Id even go further and say things like punishments are a problem as well. Irrelevant schools get the hammer while "power" schools get to self impose meaningless sanctions or a slap on the wrist. That is also a problem with parity and why some teams can't make the push through or some of the dirty ones stay on top.
  9. Aren't you guys sort of proving my point though? This offense doesn't go because smith just dominates everyone and carries the team.. The offense looks good because its got first rounders at 2/3 wr spots, a first rd qb, probably 2 first round oline and 2 others that will be drafted high... The scheme works because its loaded. Every player looks good because every player has an equally dangerous player playing opposite him taking away from scheming one guy. I'm agreeing with you guys that players make the scheme. What I'm saying is that because of the scheme and others around him it made smith
  10. Agreed. But I'm also going to be destroyed for saying this, but the same can be said for Smith. Watching smith last night I only saw 1 play that made me thing wow that was a heisman play. Specifically the three TDs were scheme alone. Literally EVERY wr from both teams would have scored on those 3 plays. And that's been the story for him all season. Sark has been a magician at getting the ball with no one around him. And its not because he's just some next level route runner. They are just amazingly well set up and schemed plays.
  11. The only thing I'm going to argue here is the recruiting part. Did the recruits go to those schools because they made the playoffs or are they making the playoffs because they recruited those kids. Chicken before the egg type argument that could go either way. When you have momentum its typically takes a coaching change to lose it in modern football. Same thing goes for gaining it. It typically happens through a coaching change. Considering that the playoff era is still relatively new, the elites haven't really changed coaches that often therefore haven't lost the momentum. The sys
  12. To be fair A&M was also down 3 starters lol. I see your point, but my point is that the argument continued to be that Bama blew out A&M so A&M must not have been as good as ND and Ohio st. Bama beat them both by about the same margin as what they beat A&M and A&M beat the only other common opponent UNC about the same as what ND did... It was two score spread for both games thanks to late TDs by both A&M and ND. Players playing or not. We can't discuss the players being out only when it benefits the team in question. The players out didnt matter for ND when they be
  13. You think bama is the only team in the country that's gotten better? A&Ms offense is MUCH better than it was in week 2. Hell I don't think bama would have time to score 48 let alone beat us by 48. A&M would control the clock and lose by 17. And why so butt hurt about a conversation? I know your team hasn't sniffed the playoffs but the 1st team out always has a meaningful debate to be had.
  14. I was literally typing this as you posted it. Texas Oline is going to be what holds them back for the next 2 years IMO. Sark will still be fine I think but any fan watching last nights game and expecting anything close to that needs to be ready for the letdown. sark didnt look near this good anywhere he's been and I believe its because even I could call plays for bama and put up 40+ on teams based on Bamas talent.
  15. Oh i agree the history plays a part. Although I believe a program failures should also factor in... ND has laid an egg in nearly every highly meaningful game its played for damn near 30 years lol
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