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  1. Yea Ive seen those as well. I think if they finish strong they could really turn a few heads for the 2022 class too. LSU, Texas and OU are also gifting them a rare opportunity that Jimbo needs to take advantage of.
  2. This story would have been so much better had she been run smooth over during the kickoff return seeing as how she ran right into the middle of it.
  3. Yea some sort of peta activist from what I've read. I think they were saying two teams use of dogs as their mascots is wrong.
  4. If Fisher runs the ball, A&M can control games and win. What scares me is that either by Fishers play calling or Monds pre-snap reads the offense tends to get pass happy at times. The last two weeks you've seen A&M in a must score drive lean on the running game to the tune of 8-9 carries straight and just maul opponents. If you can do that 2-3 drives a game you can break an opponent. What I want to see is A&M start the game like that. Not throw 8 of 9 plays to start the game. Establish your will early and let the passing game play off that.
  5. The problem is its the people in charge at many places that are part of this mess. Texas especially. In their strive for competing with Stanford they hired the people that think like Stanford. Sadly, this isn't going away at Texas anytime soon.
  6. They are already at that pretty much. This isn't a problem for them. They already playing this season short handed because of the new 25 a year max rule. They would already be short handed for the next year or two because they lost so much over the season. This "penalty" is nothing to them. Its a way of hoping to cheat the system hoping the ncaa doesnt look harder and drop the hammer on them. (Like they would anyway)
  7. The world we are living in is an absolute clown show...
  8. Mond is the least pressured QB in the SEC and the running game is mauling people when the run is actually called. Where did this come from... I don't think I've ever seen such a turnaround with the same coach and 4/5 starters back. I thought we would see a slight improvement but this literally the strongest unit on the team right now.
  9. Arkansas is much improved. I think this game will come down to which Jimbo shows up. The Jimbo that asks Mond to win or the Jimbo that uses the running game. If Jimbo gives Spiller 20+ carries, A&M wins this one comfortably. If Jimbo gives Spiller 9-11 carries anything can happen. Arkansas doesn't do any one thing well enough to worry a team like A&M, but they dont do anything bad that will kill themselves either. And those types of teams are always dangerous. A&M 34-24 over the Hogs.
  10. I agree. I'm not sure A&M is mentally there yet to put it together for 7 games in a row, but they definitely have a chance.
  11. I think A&M is the better team in every remaining game. But they are extremely Inconsistent and very mistake prone. Fumbles and stupid penalties have really been an issue this year. They seem to have found their nitch though. That pistol formarion running spiller has just mauled the last two opponents every time they dedicate to staying with it. Extremely impressed with the progression of the oline.
  12. Lol. Yea I think it was just a false positive the first go round, but you already know this is going to be a conspiracy theory junkies birthday lol. I mean its just too coincidental that this happens the week of the biggest game of the year. If this happens against arkansas nobody cares. But this week? Yea it just looks fishy lol
  13. They already do kind of. The problem is they take care of your silver hen (Texas) instead.
  14. Probably a false positive initially. Now the truth.... The sec doesnt give a damn about this childish overreaction to the virus the world is having and was not about to let the biggest game of the year be played without Saban. Lol
  15. There was even word that saban bought a house in Austin after mack was fired the first time because he was a done deal to be the new HC. Maybe he bought it so he could leave now... Matter of fact, he doesn't have covid at all he is just doing an interview this weekend in austin and needed Saturday off.
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