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  1. Post of the year candidate Mav. Quality work.
  2. That's some Bama/Auburn level stuff right there lol
  3. He didnt catch any. Was targeted once on an overthrown ball if I recall be didnt officially record a stat. And you're right I'm afraid. Which makes me want to break something... Jimbo will need to get more out of his WRs if he expects to take the next step. You simply cannot keep up with Bama and Ohio st with just a running game and a few 3rd down conversations to a TE.
  4. The thing about beard is I see a lot of Billy Gillespi in him. As in, he's a hard nosed coach that is extremely tough on his team in terms of getting them to play physical defense. That system works great at a school like Tech that typically has multiple players in their 3rd year and isn't recruiting 1 and done guys, but when you get the high end offensive studs that Texas is capable of getting they usually don't mesh well with the coaching style. Billy G failed at Kentucky because he couldn't get the 5 star 1 and done studs to buy into his system. Can Beard do better at Texas? I think s
  5. That's a very good series win. Its very difficult to sweep teams of that caliber.
  6. That wouldn't be a bad idea for them. I've thought its long past time Vandy does the same as well.
  7. In before valhalla mentions sec or "it just means more" lol
  8. Yea I think the kid likely had the early signs of being homesick before ever leaving. Which is understandable I suppose. I'd rather see the kid stay close to home with a close friend than go to lsu or something.
  9. The voice of reason... I agree with you I think the Sark hire has potential. I also like the staff overall despite one or two I disagree with. I just think more Texas fans should approach this like you in that they want to see results before laying all their chips on the table again.
  10. I mean its not like that same thing doesn't apply to OU and A&M threads where Texas fans are getting on there stirring the pot. That is part of a neutral site.
  11. You bringing up A&M in a discussion about Texas and OU is the insecure part. You feeling the need to deflect to that (like you always do) is the insecure thing. I'm not interested in doing your little petty arguing about whatever you can't comprehend in the real conversation anymore. I was just trying to address the guy praising Sark like they just hired a Dana/Saban love child.
  12. Ah how insecure the wee lad is. The conversation was absolutely about Texas and ou. My comments started by addressing the guy who stated ou should be nervous. Everything that followed was not me addressing Texas and their mediocracy the last decade, but me speaking specifically about how OU has withered the storm through all of the new hire momentum and kept on winning conference titles. And yes go ahead and joke about how you don't know how to be average and get the aggy to teach you blah blah blah. Why not just grow a pair and have a conversation about your program without mentio
  13. One doesn't have to be unbiased when talking OU/Texas. Its very clear who the better program of the two is. Especially in modern history when they have been in the same conference. Making that statement has absolutely nothing to do with me or A&M.
  14. A college football fan comparing two teams is not one fan base talking down to another. Your arrogance may make it seem that way but I'm simply just talking truths about two programs that aren't mine. Do you have to be a fan of either team just to talk about head to heads?
  15. Are you really going to make dig up all the old arguments? Lol. Dont take that personal. Nearly all fan bases are excited about their hires. I'm just saying that the guy acting like Sark is the next Saban should just slow his roll a little is all. The dude has landed like 4 recruits and not even held a practice yet and all of the sudden OU should be nervous . Texas had a future HOF coach for a decade and barely put a dent in OU's reign over the conference since the two started playing common opponents. I don't think OU needs to be nervous about anything until proven otherwise. Tha
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