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  1. SMU Ohio State Iowa Texas A&M LSU Penn State Texas Iowa State Arizona Michigan *Tiebreaker: Wisc-Ohio State total points 48
  2. And that was supposed to be the strength of the defense after the last two cycles...
  3. the real question is which one of the staffs in the area snatches up Traylor when this happens. I think he’s huge asset recruiting the east Texas area.
  4. I think Morris is a good coach, but I think it was a bad hire. They needed a transition coach. Someone to take them out of that Stone Age offense but they don’t have the guys to run Morris’ spread. Morris is the guy they needed after they fire this coach... Its a dumpster fire there. Wonder who they go after if they can Morris.
  5. I remember him having a big interest in A&M but they accepted a commitment from Tate martell instead of going after hurts. Then ended up only signing starkel. Terrible decisions in that recruiting class...
  6. Yea they are playing some good physical football right now. There’s a very realistic scenario where they win the east this year.
  7. So Bama truly didn’t make an adjustment, Texas just gave it away. Gotcha. Also, maybe I need to be more clear when I talk to you. I did not mean to imply that Bama only did certain things. Like only ran cover 3 every play or only ran running plays designed to milk clock or things like that. I guess what I’m trying to say is I take for granted that people like you might have the football intelligence to understand when a team is coasting and when a team is fighting for a win. It was clear Bama laid down for a second, then turned it back up or (Texas gave it to them like you suggest) . Either way, Bama won the game. We can argue about this until Texas next title game and never agree. So this will be my last post on the matter.
  8. I never specifically said they could only change the offensive gameplan. I said their gameplan changed in general. Which defensively it did. Go back and watch the game. They went from aggressive man coverages to more of a cover 3 don’t get beat deep look when they got the lead in the second half. The minute Texas closed the gap a little they went back to a more aggressive defensive approach and got 3 turnovers in 5 plays... I don’t know what about that you’re not getting.
  9. I’m not sure you even understand what you’re arguing here... Once again, you’re proving my point. Yes Alabama was a defense and ball control team back then. Which is exactly why I’m saying that game wasn’t in doubt after the half despite the score getting closer. Bama got up 24-6 at the half. They were a ball control team so they weren’t going to just explode for points anyway just because colt went down. So they have a comfortable lead at the half. The came out in the second half with a very safe gameplan. They ran 30 plays after halftime and only 5 of them were pass plays. They stopped being aggressive and taking chances on defense and played a softer defense and tried to force a backup true freshman to beat them all the way down the field instead of giving up explosive plays. I’m doing so the kid successfully did that. But the second it got close, Nick ramped the pressure back up, forced 3 turnovers in the next 5 offensive snaps for Texas... 25 out of 30 plays rushing+conservative defense let Texas make the score look closer than it should have been. When Bama needed to, it stepped back on the gas forcing 3 turnovers in a 5 play span for Texas and stretched the lead back out to 3 scores... In short. You’re flat out wrong on this. The facts are not on your side. That has nothing to do with my hatred for Texas fans.
  10. I don’t disagree with your side either, but I think he did get lazy at A&M. That’s what I mean by stealing money. I think he got lazy in recruiting, I think he got lazy in game planning, and I think he got lazy in how he handled himself. Just look at pictures from the day he started at A&M until the day he finished. Dude put on some bad weight. I just think he mailed it in the last few years in several areas and I have a problem with that at this level. I don’t blame him for the contract, but I do blame him for what he did once he got it. Imo it wasn’t enough. But like you pointed out, I also have a problem with the knee jerk reaction to give him that deal. But if they didn’t, he probably would have been at USC or the nfl... The schedule at Arizona is also not near what he was seeing at A&M so I’m not surprised he’s doing decent. And I know he had a high winning percentage compared to others at A&M. But that doesn’t mean much to me. What others did at A&M has nothing to do with what he was doing.
  11. Bama went to 24-6 at halftime. Came out second half in basically prevent mode and Texas drove down field a couple of times and scored to make it 24-21 in the 4th. Bama then put their foot back on the gas and won 37-21. Your burnt orange glasses and some ridiculous memory of that game have made you believe a different story. Go back and watch the game if you don’t believe me. The game was not in doubt. Literally the second it got close again Bama stepped on their throat again. It was not in doubt...
  12. Exactly. They did what they did vs Texas in that national title game when colt went out. Built a big lead then just coasted to end the game. Score got closer but the game was never in doubt.
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