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  1. Yea I agree on the 300 hurdles. Both of those are grown men races. You gotta be willing to run until your heart explodes to be good at those.
  2. Bucky was a hell of a player. He's one of those guys that I would have loved to see in today's offenses. His athletic ability was largely wasted in that offense despite his very good numbers. If King can replicate that level of success A&M will be very solid for the next few years. I personally think King has a higher ceiling.
  3. I read this morning that King had the fastest 40, best long jump and best vertical on the entire team at the start of the spring semester. Very impressive. He's being talked about very highly by people around the program.
  4. Kevin Murray was a major problem. He strong armed his aggie ties and promises were made regarding playing time when Kyler wasn't ready. It was a doomed partnership from the beginning. But as mentioned above, had it worked out sumlin probably would have rode kyler to just enough success to stay around but never enough to really matter. I personally choose to see Kyle and Kyler leaving as a blessing more than a curse.
  5. Exactly. The game was too easy. I did very similar things to make the game more challenging.
  6. Gotcha. Well i mean let's be real here... The kid had a re-offer. He's a stud lol Unless Sark feels he's baseball bound.
  7. They did back in November. I'm sure it was honored.
  8. Rumored to be drafted high enough football is in question.
  9. LJ is built for Jimbos offense. He will do well. Jimbo has built a FILTHY stable of RBs.
  10. And make it realistic too. don't have 5 star pocket passers with 67 speed committing to play for army lol.
  11. Yea the recruiting needs to be a bigger focus with more depth and challenge. It was nailed up above when it was said that staff moves need to bring more to the table. You can have different types that give advantages in ether coaching or recruiting or both if they are elite.
  12. Absolutely love the idea of coaching hires and their impact on recruiting. I would love even more a system where you start as a position coach at a low level school and then have to work your way through the coaching ranks similar to how they had it before but more in depth. But make this game for adults. I'm so sick of my madden games being dumbed down so a 6 year old can play online.
  13. TheIr offense is the best in the sec next season. You are absolutely correct in highlighting them.
  14. With a inexperienced QB and oline anything is possible. Nearly every team in the west is capable of beating you if you lose the turnover battle by 2+. Agreed that nobody but Bama is a favorite but far better teams have dropped games they shouldn't. At this point the 2nd loss is more of hedging bets that "aggy gonna aggy" and find a way to drop one they shouldn't. I personally think they go 11-1 but its by beating bama and losing to someone else, but that's just a hunch.
  15. I'm not sold they lose to bama But this definitely a 10-2 floor even with breaking in a new qb thanks to the amount of defense returning. I mean 20 of 22 of the two deep on defense is back and that was already an impressive group. They will definitely ease some first year starter QB woes.
  16. Really hope Baylor Cupp is healthy enough we can see two TEs on the field to help out.
  17. Nah. He's going to have his licks. What I'm.curious about is jimbo and his play calling. We all know he used all the clock and played at a snails pace in order to protect from asking mond to have to win a shootout. Will he handle king the same way? Will he operate a faster pace and give King a chance to really open up the offense?
  18. Not sure if you're trolling or not but I agree. This team will be a top 10 caliber defensive unit. That alone will be enough to win all but one or two games. The difference in 10-2 or 12-0 is how much King progresses. They won't beat bama with just defense and running game. King will have to make plays. If he does, A&M can hang with anyone in the country next season. I really love the veteran leadership the defense brought back and it should pay huge dividends while King gets his lumps.
  19. Yea he was definitely a project. He didnt play much from what I saw. The staff likes him though. What I've been told is he has some tools to work with but needs the time to develop. He will never be a dominating player but they believe he can be a solid contributor and possibly a late bloomer similar to some of the other A&M starters on the oline this year.
  20. Hes your other OT and would be a huge add.
  21. Thats huge. The defense is going to be very salty.
  22. I've always thought the best way to fix this would be to split the G5 into their own national title all together.
  23. so... Is it plug and play or not? Couldn't they have just sat all 3 and been just as well off? I mean next man up is what you keep saying.
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