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  1. I saw the scrimmage differently. Some of those scores were against Sulphur Springs' first-team. L-E looked pretty damn good after the first three series.
  2. Both teams capable of winning this contest, although Pleasant Grove typically has more discipline. Let's not forget PG has thrown more than 60 touchdown passes the last two years.
  3. Argyle throws touchdown passes in final seconds with 50-point lead instead of taking a knee. That's what I will always remember about Argyle.
  4. Look for Texas High to be much improved. That is if Longview doesn't leave the Tigers crippled.
  5. L-E varsity won 3-0, MP won JV 1-0
  6. My darkhorse may not even make the playoffs, but watch out for Hooks. The Hornets just might have the best offensive line in the district. Outstanding back who seems to be injury-prone. The problem is that so many go both ways. Injuries will really set them back.
  7. If they stay healthy I don't see anyone beating Pleasant Grove in 4A Division II
  8. It's going to be much easier reading the numbers for sure.
  9. I don't think so. You are talking about Landon Jackson?
  10. What happened to the topic? Texas High expecting 250, which is down some.
  11. I hope you're joking, since he's got offers from almost every SEC school and almost every Big 12 school.
  12. If L-E quarterback performs well, Leopards will be better. Arkansas High and Texas High "could" have their hands full when they play the Leopards. Pleasant Grove is most talented team in Texarkana and 4A Division II. If PG beats Carthage, the Hawks may be unstoppable and state champions again. Hope the Hawks stay healthy. For that matter, I hope all the Texarkana teams stay healthy. I wish no injuries for anybody. I know Carthage and PG are in different divisions.
  13. I don't watch pro sports that much, but what about high school and the state championship games.
  14. Only a few will remember the name, but Liberty-Eylau's Keldrick Williams may be the best back I've seen come out of Texarkana. Apologies to LaMichael James, Tra Carson and others. Williams had to go to junior college, where he got hurt and never played again. L-E was in a district with Texas High, Sulphur Springs and Mount Pleasant in those days. Williams chewed them up. I bet you L-E's new coach Klint King remembers Williams. I'm not alone here, several area coaches agree with me.
  15. Liberty-Eylau's Aarica Ray, Imani Wright, Jamilia Ganter, Mattlyn McIntyre, Sharde Collins were all Division I players in college. Ray in my opinion is the best Texarkana has had that I've seen, although Wright was very special as the others.
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