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  1. I don't know what Druhan weighed, but their offensive llinemen were huge for high school.
  2. Pleasant Grove has been pretty darn big in the offensive line the last three years in a row. They might have been the biggest in 4A in 2017. They averaged over 250 in 2018 and 2019.
  3. Actually that school is in PG district. Individual who owned land gave it to TISD. At least someone told me that.
  4. Justin Gibson would make a great head coach, just like his brother
  5. I agree with you Matt. A few Gilmer fans are flat out crazy.
  6. Coaches don't recruit, but there are individuals in the community that do. It's always been a problem in Texarkana.
  7. Burris is like their fourth or fifth best player. He plays well every game. Hawks missed a lot of easy layups and No. 10 is a very good 3-point shooter and he didn't make one today. Henry also probably had the worst game of his career. He's a MVP candidate in district, but you couldn't tell that today. Torey Phillips probably had a better game than Burris today. He's the one that fouled out. I take nothing away from MP. They're young and good, and so is PG. All of their big player except Layton Jackson are juniors. Henry is a junior. Landon Jackson didn't play well today either and sprained hi
  8. I was very impressed with Mount Pleasant's young basketball team today. The Tigers scored a 57-48 win over Pleasant Grove, scoring the game's final nine points in the final seconds. The game was tied 48-48 when PG's 6-6 Landon Jackson went down with a ankle injury. A few seconds later 6-7 Torey Phillips fouled out. The two teams (totally different styles) were battling on even terms until that. I think both teams will make playoff runs.
  9. I agree with what you say. Mount Pleasant isn't big, but very good. Got to remember Pleasant Grove football players have only had one week of practice. They will get better I think.
  10. According to coach during football season Torey Phillips is 6-7, 280
  11. L-E and PG have won state in football twice, THS once. PG has two or three baseball titles, while L-E and THS have one each. L--E girls won three consecutive state track titles. Just threw that in because of pride. I do know PG has been to state in baseball a lot, went 6 years in a row at one point and won twice.
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