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  1. hey i like all this tension it makes me want to play even more ive been wantin to play this game since after the game last friday
  2. And Nacogdoches HS is closer to Carthage than Rusk??? This is about head games, and our kids know all about it. And yes, it will be resolved on the field. we played in rusk. and i wont be sitting on a side ill be playin
  3. They want the seniors to play their final home game actually at home so quit sayin that our coach wants yall to drive to far thats a load of bull. and were about to find out since i moved here as a freshman weve been beaten the mess out of yall i dont see anything different about this game, and for yall that play for diboll ill see ya tomorrow night on the field
  4. where did yall find these ratings for strength of schedule?
  5. Diboll vs Carthage because this is a game to see who goes to the playoffs and who stays home
  6. who cares how much we put up against huntington bragging about beating huntington by 50 is like bragging about beating up a 5 year old and we moved up a bunch of jv kids and a lot of second stringers started
  7. and yes so we pretty much have to win by 6 because i dont see rusk beating crockett
  8. never count anybody out you never know what will happen in the course of a football game
  9. the game is being played in carthage at QM Martin stadium
  10. ive played against both of them this year and im going with mt pleasant they r big and physical
  11. this is going to be the last game ever played in qm martin stadium after this they will tear it down and make a new one
  12. no theyre just moving the student section to the home side and thats where diboll will sit while we sit in the visitor stands we just wanted to play the final home game in qm martin
  13. and the game is actually being played in carthage
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