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  1. Marshall High School, a 5A program in deep East Texas, is in need of a 9th Football/ Asst Baseball coach. The teaching field MUST be History or Comp SS. Send resumes and/or questions to [email protected] and [email protected]
  2. You have a message in your inbox. You evidently have an axe to grind with me. And yes... I'm in athletics everyday. Assigned to baseball during the period just like two other of our coaches. People need to ask if they really want to know instead of hiding behind a screen name and assuming they have a clue.
  3. I'm assisting in baseball and yes I will be finishing out with them. I am still fulfilling my duties exactly as they were assigned to me. Who knows what will happen when the new guy comes in but I will be doing what is right for the kids unless I am told otherwise. I entered into an obligation when I took the job and as long as I am here, and wanted to complete it, I will do just that.
  4. I figured. Y'all do a pretty good job of stirring eachother up.
  5. Thank you for wishing me luck. I assure you I am not trying to "call out" Allday. I'm sure he means well. I am just saying my piece since my name keeps coming up.
  6. "As a matter of fact I have been told that they have no reason to not renew a contract for me at Grand Saline ISD." There is a line from the message I sent you. Just like I said in the above line, I still have a contract here if I want it. The plain and simple is that I decided not to apply for the AD job. Which I also stated. If I had applied I would have had to go through the same process as everyone else. "Whether I stay or whether I don't... I have been assured that would be entirely up to me." There is another line from the message. That line also stated that whether I stayed or went the choice would be mine. NOWHERE in a message did I ever say the job was mine because it wasn't. Allday, I know you from when I coached you in high school and when you asked what I would do I told you. I had no clue what I was going to do at the time. I now know what my family and I will be doing next year but I can promise you this... For the rest of this year I will be coaching my butt off in orange and black to help these kids try to accomplish their goals. However, instead of arguing over who knew what, it would be greatly appreciated if y'all would concentrate all focus on hoping that the best possible choice is made for these kids and community. They have been working their tails off and deserve the very best chance to be successful. If a decision was made tonight I trust that it was in the best interest of the kids and community. I wish the Grand Saline Indians the best of luck in the future. I will definitely be keeping in touch with the kids as we have developed some strong relationships.
  7. Gone??? I'm right here. Thanks for filling me in on what I am going to be doing though.
  8. That's all well and good but it is just not feasible. You have to take into account that Cowboy's stadium would have to alter their field dimensions, among other things, to host a 6 man game. Makes it very difficult. Especially saying they have to switch back for 11 man games on the same day. Even if they were on different days and could get things set up there would just not be enough money generated on a 6 man game to be worth the hassle. It would be nice if there were any way possible though.
  9. What a way to end it! Frost spends 5:11 driving the field and and it comes down to one play from the 2 yard line. Frost had a huge crease and the QB dropped the ball as he turned to hand it to the RB. Just a freak accident. Frost would have walked in. You hate to see a game end with that after the way it was played. #12 from Frost is a beast. #3 and #20 ran hard as well. I have never seen Frost play before but I am a huge fan of how those kids carried themselves. Heart and guts all night. All of the respect in the world goes out to the Frost players and staff. Congrats to Tenaha and good luck the rest of the way.
  10. I cannot express how deeply saddened we are for this precious family. Ashley has been a friend of mine since we were in diapers. An abundance of love and prayers to the Morgan family from the Ludlow's. Psalm 147:3 God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
  11. All sub varsity games were cancelled due to weather.
  12. Just picked up a copy in Tyler at the Wal-Mart on South Broadway.
  13. My guess will be Tyrone Swoopes from Whitewright, Kenny Hill from SLC, and the Colleyville Heritage QB. Oh... With Swoopes being front middle.
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