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  1. Week 1 Pick ‘ems Atlanta vs Daingerfield Gladewater vs Gilmer Jefferson @ Pittsburg New Boston vs New Diana Sabine @ Spring Hill Tatum @ Center White Oak vs Harelton
  2. Yeah, give me SHill by a couple scores.
  3. They’ll have time to drive somewhere and catch 3 quarters of another game.
  4. Y’all just let me know where I can stream this game. Tickets gone be hard to come by.
  5. And y’all go to Bonham too? Well, at least y’all will be in good shape next year. Lol. Those three schools alone are out there but Potts is dang near in Colorado.
  6. Ewww Weee. The Pottsboro game is a 2 hour drive for y’all. No wonder Potts was trying to change districts. They are on an island by themselves in regards to yalls District.
  7. If the Bears play a clean hame and don’t turn the ball over a lot, I’ll take Gladewater by 14.
  8. Yeah but with the new OC, we don’t know who will play QB yet.
  9. New OC looks like he’ll be a good one. Running game will be solid. We just have to have a better passing game and I think we’ll do well.
  10. If a school rents or buys more seating to put bands or dance teams behind the end zone, your capacity goes up so it should allow for more fans. I’m still trying to figure out how participants on the field count toward seating capacity. They are thinking in terms of fire code capacity I guess. Lol
  11. Well yeah because they will be in the stands in most cases. That makes sense, but players, refs, and coaches counting to the capacity is silly. Stadium capacity means how many seats are available for fans only. In high school, it accounts for bands and anyone else that is taking a seat.
  12. These coaches doing work. A lot more than I thought.
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