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  1. WO snaps over the QB’s head for a safety. Atlanta 2-0 WO snaps ball over punter’s head for safety. Atlanta 4-0 Final Atlanta 4-0
  2. Let’s clarify that. The Wuhan virus has the potential to be dangerous.
  3. To be fair, the weather’s not looking good to the GW folk.
  4. If y’all don’t get a game, run up to Carthage or Tatum Friday night. Those should be some good games.
  5. That sounds like what a Liberal would come up with.
  6. I’m calling it, GW gone have big passing game against us.
  7. That might be accurate. Looks like the bear can’t catch the Eagle. Lol
  8. All the GW fans down at the school trying out for QB? Where y’all at man?
  9. Gladewater defense gonna give us problems. We’ve got to find a way to slow their run game down. This should be a tight ballgame.
  10. Am I the only one that caught this?
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