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  1. Love my BIg School that gives me 3-5% raise every year..... not a typo.... we get 3-5% raise every year and Earn every dollar of it.
  2. Big school coaches do Earn their pay
  3. Highest number of cases in a single day reported yesterday. May influence the governors decision.
  4. Trump IMO opinion is doing everything in his POWER to not get re-elected. In one corner you have Biden who is the Democratic version of Trump. Womanizer/Arrogant/Sleaze ball Other Corner you have Trump. Womanizer/Arrogant/Disrespectful Jerk. Both very wealthy
  5. I drank the kool aid and voted for the man. Good for economy.... yes. Treating people with respect.... no. The best person to lead us through this pandemic... unfortunately he is the hand we were dealt.
  6. It was related to HS Sports to begin with
  7. He said it. But I do believe he was being sarcastic!!! Not a Dummy here !!!!
  8. Lol..... So I will ask you the same question I asked Mr. Chubby. Do you agree with everything Trump has done or is doing?
  9. No need to question my love and respect for our country. Just pointing out the obvious about our President.
  10. So now your calling me dumb!!! Must be talking to Donald Jr. So answer this.... Do you agree with everything Trump is doing and has done ?
  11. So the medical experts told him you can shoot disinfect in your veins? Like I said... great economic President. Compassionate President not so much. You sound like a friend of mine.... can find no faults in Trump. I voted for the man. But I don’t support everything he says or wants.
  12. I’m hoping for a full football season and as close to normal school year. I do however think the faster we rush to open things up it have a negative effect in the football season and school year. Trump is awesome for our economy, but to listen to him talk medical talk is hard to do. He is no expert in that at all. I would rather listen to the people that know. I also cannot stand to see Governor Abbot’s news conferences because I have to look at Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the background. Patrick is beyond an idiot. No friend to education or schools. So... IMO... if we open things up to quickly I think you can kiss HS football season goodbye for this fall!!!!!
  13. Texas and Texas A&M. Oh do I still love the memory of that FG splitting the uprights in the las Game they played.
  14. What districts have announced this? Districts cannot just decide to close for the year. Must go thru the TEA and most likely will be a blanket decision for all school across the state. Do I think we will be back in school this year? NO, I don’t. It’s unfortunate but necessary in my opinion. Really beginning to think this might affect the start of school for next year.
  15. Nothing has been decided or sent out. Pure speculation on your sources part.
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