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  1. Gilmer will win. But they still need work, especially on the offensive line. They haven’t been able to get a running game going yet this year. Hopefully they can get that going. Gilmer will need to be two dimensional to make a deep run in the playoffs.
  2. Biggest issue Gilmer STILL has to address is mistakes. The offense is it’s own worst enemy. Still too many penalties.
  3. The difference between the two teams is line play. Carthage Oline manhandled Gilmer Dline. That meant Carthage dominated running game and was in 2nd and short all night. Meanwhile, Carthage Dline dominated Gilmer Oline. Gilmer could never establish a running game. The had to rely on the high risk, high reward of the downfield passing game. Credit Gilmer for fighting back in the 3rd quarter. But Carthage won the battle of the trenches tonight.
  4. Couple of quick observations: 1. Lindale RB is the real deal. Great speed, big, and tough to bring down. He should get a LOT of touches this year, especially when district starts. 2. Gilmer kept trying to get the screen game going in the first half, and it wasn’t working. Once they started pushing the ball downfield to the wideouts, the offense opened up. Mason Hurt and Dylan Fluellen had monster games on the outside. 3. Gilmer defense clearly played better in the second half. I don’t know if adjustments were made or what, but the defense seemed in better position in
  5. Gilmer wins. But it was ugly. Can’t have that many mistakes and penalties. And if the snap is in the dirt, the whole play gets thrown off. Gilmer was inside Henderson 20 three separate times and came away with 0 points in 2nd half. credit to Henderson defense
  6. Don’t understand the red zone offense. Put in Choice, and Run straight ahead.
  7. We can hope... not too homerish tonight though. wonder which coach chewed the defense out. They have played much better after the first quarter.
  8. Gilmer defense will need to improve. They’ll get some kids back on defense by next week. But I agree with the linebacker play. Needs to improve. Secondary hasn’t been bad. Got burned on a couple of plays but played good for the most part. GIlmer offense looks good. Tennison is special at QB. receivers look good. Smith will play more as season goes on at RB. But Gilmer season will be determined by how well the defense plays
  9. GILMER 1-0 in controlled scrimmage vs Terrell. 7-0 in one quarter of action. There were supposed to be two quarters, so not sure what changed. Tennison starting at QB for Gilmer. Has improved his passing, gotten a little bigger, and he just gives the offense a running threat they haven’t had for the last few years. Defense swarmed to the ball, but the secondary looked suspect. just glad to have a high school football game!! Praying all kids stay safe and season can continue!
  10. I would say the Gilmer 2013 team. The 2006 team was loaded, but they did have some defensive issues. I still think they win state that year if they didn’t have the horrible broken leg to the offensive lineman that shook up the entire team. But that 2013 team was sandwiched between a 2012 state finalist and 2014 state champ. But for some reason they just never fully gelled. And they couldn’t stop the big Argyle RB.
  11. I wanted to post some High School Baseball Scores from earlier today Pine Tree beat Marshall 7-0 as Pirate pitcher Nuke Laloosh pitched a perfect game, striking out all 27 batters he faced. in a battle for the district lead, Pritchett beat East Mountain 5-4 when Bubba Dudley drove in his twin brother Bobby Dududley on a suicide squeeze in the bottom of the ninth. anyone else have more scores to add?
  12. I could see Lovely or Dodd returning to Gilmer. Especially Dodd, since all his family is here.
  13. Congrats to Coach Metzel. Thought he would get it when Traylor left. Kids love and respect him.
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