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  1. I could see Lovely or Dodd returning to Gilmer. Especially Dodd, since all his family is here.
  2. Congrats to Coach Metzel. Thought he would get it when Traylor left. Kids love and respect him.
  3. I would have to go with the 2014 Gilmer team. I remember the 2017 Gilmer Carthage game. Gilmer was able to move the ball and score. Yes, they lost. Partly because Carthage was a great team, but partly because Gilmer had a total and complete meltdown (a Gilmer player even took a swing at Coach on the sidelines in a second half. I’ve never seen a Gilmer team lose composure and control that bad ever). After watching that game, I am sure that the 2014 team of Gilmer would beat the 2017 team of Carthage. Gilmer’s 2014 team would not have lost their composure, and they were way more talented and the 2017 team that put up 28 on Carthage. just my honest opinion
  4. I'll stick with 2014 GW vs Gilmer. 2 teams from East Texas. Lobo stadium, so it was played in East Texas. To an above capacity crowd. Great game that went down to the last few seconds winner went on to win state and some amazing talent on the field. Daylon Mack, Kris Boyd, Blake Lynch.
  5. So 3 of Gilmer’s 4 losses came from state champs. I can live with that. Congrats PG. Y’all have a great program going
  6. Congrats to Carthage. A great community, a great school, a great program, and a great coach.
  7. UIL has certainly done it before. Another district of doom.
  8. I know. Just praying they go into Region 3. Gilmer, PG, & Carthage in Region 2 would be way out of whack
  9. How did Lampassas get to Carthage 22 in less than 13 seconds?
  10. Congrats Pleasant Grove. Great victory. Now go win one more. Just curious, how would Gilmer have stacked up against them
  11. Zwould say the same thing about Matt Turner at Gilmer. I could see him joining the UTSA staff
  12. Yes, Waco Connally was undefeated and ranked 2nd in state. Clearly a slouch team. Yes, almost everyone thought the winner of this team would win state. Clearly Gilmer underperformed this year.
  13. Some quick observations: 1. For the last two seasons, the Gilmer / PG rematch was a bigger margin than the first game. In other words, PG improved more as the season progressed than Gilmer, and made better adjustments before the rematch. Disturbing. 2. Gilmer needed to be mistake free to win this game, and needed to have PG make some mistakes. Didn't happen. The pick six hurt, but the killer was the fumble on the opening kickoff of the second half. Throw in a false start on a 4th and 1, a holding penalty on a Gilmer TD, and another int, and Gilmer made more mistakes. 3. If Mason Hurt had played, it might have been better, but I don't think it would have mattered. Tennison didn't play bad. The pick six was telegraphed, but other than that, he threw the ball well. My biggest issue was he's a running QB, and they rarely intentionally ran with him. He had some great scrambles, but where was the zone read? They needed to try to do something to slow down the PG pursuit, and I thought zone read would have helped. 4. Losing Irons was a bigger loss than losing Hurt. Gilmer couldn't stop the PG offense at all. irons was the best defensive player for Gilmer, and he was missed big time. 5. With that being said, I don think Gilmer could have beaten PG tonight even if they were 100% healthy. PG was just that much better. Gilmer had a great season and has nothing to be ashamed of. They made it a round further than they did they last two years. They were tremendously better than last year. They return most of their skill players, but they lose most everyone one the offensive and defensive line, and that will be hard to replace. But a good season and nothing to be ashamed of. As for PG, they are the better program right now. Hoping they go get another state championship.
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