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  1. first thing the center and backup center need to start tomorrow doing 100 snaps a day.
  2. what's wrong with the marshall quarterback? it's like three games in a row where the ball just slips out of his hands with no contact, in one game it comes loose twice in the same play. and what happened to the marshall mindset of we are going to play our way and it's up to you to stop us instead of this super conservative play calling showing we are afraid of the other team.
  3. they are in good ole saginaw (ft worth) texas. what day and time is the game? that's a long drive for nac.
  4. Hope they tell Burris that if he has open space to run, do it as will keep the defense off guard and open things up for the pass.
  5. then who do you believe? i hope it's not who i think.
  6. so i guess ten of thousands flu deaths is a bogus number also. all the numbers are bogus, no one is dying we live forever.
  7. big difference between tens of thousands and 200,000 deaths.
  8. wouldn't you rather err on the side of caution? again i repeat people are brave until they get the virus, then they want to be first in line at the er room. if it's your belief not to wear a mask i think you should not go to the hospital.
  9. What did Mr. Spock say? For the good of the many.
  10. so why stop at a red light or stop sign? Why go the sped limit? Why pay taxes? Why obey any law?
  11. Funny. I see a lot of people say this until they catch covid19. Remember the 20 year old who went to a large gathering and gave it to her grandparents. She was in a coma for days and when she came out of it found out her grandfather had died the day before. Sure it's a hoax.
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