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  1. Before tonight, I would have said EF by a couple scores. But PP must have hit their stride. I have no idea. Good luck to both and congrats on making it this far. May have to come watch this one.
  2. Hats off to the Raiders! Great game. Mustangs.....chin up! Gave it all you had!
  3. We can't take care of the ball tonight. 3rd turnover for HS. I'm out guys. Early morning ahead. Good luck to both teams going forward!
  4. EF qb is something else! Nice Td run.
  5. Nice td catch n run by EF. That hurt lol.
  6. Nice drive by HS! Just gutting it out against a faster, stronger, bigger, deeper team.
  7. EF looking like District Champ material!
  8. This is like a CNN poll. Fake news......saving my vote until after the game.
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