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  1. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/a...icals-on-right/
  2. There hasn't been much that I have agreed with Rick Perry on, from his close ties to Christian conservatives to his support of the Trans-Texas corridor, I really have not liked any policy decisions Perry has made. However, I saw this story on the local news last night and I found myself in agreement with him for once.
  3. My sister's boyfriend wrote a blog entry about this incident and even included a link to the offier's personal blog, a blog that the officer has since removed from the Internet. You can still access his blog from the blog entry below, go down a few paragraphs and you'll see the link. If you the cop's blog, it sounds like this isn't his first time at being a complete idiot and abusing his powers. http://www.briancuban.com/dallas-cops-gone...owell-be-fired/
  4. I look at the opinion polls regarding Barack Obama and I’m puzzled, just like I was puzzled when W. was relected President in 2004. I’ve already established that members of both Bush and Obama administrations were masters at spinning fear, but with Obama I think there is an additional element contributing to his poll numbers. It appears that many Americans are on a “sugar high,” caught up in the “feel good” elements surronding Obama’s presidency. They’re enthralled with his Access Hollywood lifestlye. They’re mesmerized by the members of the glitterati that make up his social clique. They
  5. As I write this, the Dow is at 6,845.65. I heard this morning that this is the lowest the Dow has been since I was preparing to graduate high school (May 1997). Are you kidding me? Everytime Obama speaks, the market plummets, yet people continue to buy his propaganda. This would be a great plot to a dark comedy if it wasn't real. Let's be fair, George W. Bush has a lot to do with current economic downturn and the economy would still be down if McCain had won the election. However, it appears as if Obama's intent is to see the total destruction of our economic system so th
  6. I'm fed up with AIG. First they take my tax money, then a month ago, they moved into an office building that shares a parking garage with the office building that I am in. Since then, their band of misfits have taken our parking spots. Now I'm forced to park two levels higher than normal. I've been wanting to post a sign in our garage that says: "AIG Employees: Our tax money pays for your parking spots. As such, you will need to proceed to the top level (12th floor) of the parking garage."
  7. Start one up guys....I know there are a ton of East Texans who would love to come together and rally around something like this. There's a big one being planed all over the nation for 4th of July....You guys should organize an East Texas Tea Party then.
  8. Whole Foods has it, as does Central Market.
  9. This guy was on Fox a couple of days ago. I went to their site, http://newamericanteaparty.com/, and found the Dallas Tea Party. I plan on attending tomorrow. I was curious if anyone would organize one in East Texas. I figured there would be a lot of people interested in attending if someone did organize.
  10. I know that there is a lot of sarcasm in this thread, but there is also a lot of irony. What you suggest, having the government pay people to leave their homes to create a true Welfare state, would require a heavy handed government. Again, I don't know about you, but I think government is the problem no matter how good their intentions may be. If you want to end welfare and government hand outs, just do it. Cut all government entitlement programs, don't continue with with certain guidelines.
  11. It's definitely possible to take back the House. Look, I was born into the Republican Party, literally. From the time I was born I was going to fund raising events and on the campaign trail with candidates. I split with the party during the Bush administration because the GOP forgot one simple philosophy--focus on the things that unite us, not those that divide us. We are a nation of states united by our desire for freedom--freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom in the markets, freedom from the heavy hand of government. The past 8 years the Party forgot tha
  12. That's why I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity offender. At one point or another in my life, I've made some harsh criticism against every President during my lifetime (was born during the Carter administration). My two favorite presidents were Reagan and Clinton--imagine that....The one president who I find it hardest to criticize though is Bush, Sr. With the exception of puking on the Japanese prime minister, there's not much to make fun of there.
  13. Holder is just bitter, plain and simple. I'm sure he experienced some discrimination at some point in his life, but so have I and I'm a white, Anglo-Saxon, man. It's just part of life. My suggestion to Holder, quit crying and acting like a baby. Deal with your issues and move on.
  14. Again, with me, it is all about intent. Racism is never acceptable in my world, but I have no problem with verbally attacking a public figure who makes decisions I disagree with.... With that said, if a political cartoon compares George Bush to a monkey, implying that he made bad decisions, I would find a lot of truth in the cartoon and laugh. I look at the cartoon in question here--the dead chimp and the stimulus bill--and I find it funny. Again, it lampoons bad decision by bad lawmakers. On the other hand, if a cartoon existed comparing Bush, Obama or anyone else to a monkey b
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