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  1. I have no disrespect for WH, but I do have some disrespect for some WH fans. i wasnt at the game friday, so forgive my lack of knowledge, but how exactly did they act
  2. Does anyone have his td pass count up to date? if so any guesses as to how many he will have by the end of the season
  3. Last night around 9:30 or so Junior Corner Alex Fleming was killed in a two vehicle accident. My sympathy to his friends and family
  4. There is a more official name for them. Liberals! JK:whome: I second this.
  5. Nathan Brown might get some looks from someone depending on how he does this coming season
  6. I hope that Wh has a good season next year, but the new o-line has a lack of experience from starting the previous year or at least playing a bunch. Their is a big difference between spring ball and Friday night. Also I heard G. Green is moving to the oline, is this true?
  7. How are they looking as of now? I know they pretty much lost their defensive and offensive line, so any note worthy replacements?
  8. Not all 124a will be down, Marshall will be up in comparison to how they were this year, i don't think they are losing too many seniors. If im wrong someone correct me.
  9. How is Whitehouse looking this year? I know there is alot of younger players this year. but humor me
  10. its just my opinion but If minimum wage is increased, many products sold, say at Brookshires for example will go up to cover the cost of paying their part-time employees and anyone else who works at that pay level, either that or people are going to be getting fewer hours or at low income businesses people may get laid off due to the increase in mw. So even if mw is increased the prices that we have now will go up in the same proportion which won't solve really anything because the extra money they might obtain will go just as far or shorter than it did when the mw is at its current level.
  11. Who is the best contempory rock group
  12. i second Moore from Whitehouse, the linemen there are smaller than average, yet only allowed like 5 or 8 sacks out of over 200 passing attempts, so their doing something right
  13. Looks just like Vietnam, one we shouldnt be their but they wont leave until they are sure that they can get out without looking weak or admitting defeat. Their little stunt about leaving the Iraqi police in charge didn't work, obviously with the sending of more troops, so the government will look for another way. Our boys won't come home while Bush is in office.
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