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  1. t-dub

    Beckville Ladycats

    Beckville over Hawkins 3-0. 25-13 25-10 25-23 Regional tournament Friday at 2 vs Iola.
  2. t-dub

    Beckville Ladycats

    #3 is Paige Edens daughter, Kinsley, the youngest of the 2 Edens girls.
  3. t-dub

    Beckville Ladycats

    The girls have been competitive and winning for years, so the younger girls look forward and want to be a part of it.Severalof the girls also play travel v-ball, so that helps. I truly believe our football team will turn the corner in a couple of years. The boys staff is working hard, and have a great group of coaches now
  4. t-dub

    Beckville Ladycats

    Yes, she is our lone sophomore on varsity. She was newcomer of the year last year. She only gets better every game.
  5. Beckville vs Overton 6:00 Monday Longview High
  6. t-dub

    Beckville Ladycats

    The Seniors we lost are hard to replace. We have 2 seniors, 6 juniors,1 sophomore and 3 freshman on the team this year, with 1 senior, 2 juniors,1 sophomore and 3 freshman getting most of the playing time. Both of our JV teams were “district champs” as well. Our freshman group of girls have a chance to be pretty special. They’re a large group of girls, and the majority of them play all of the sports. And yes, we were 3-A for 2 of those years. I believe we lost a couple of district games the 1st year, but they went undefeated the 2nd year in 3-A, in district.
  7. Beckville just wrapped up a district championship by going 12-0. Never lost a set, and no team scored more than 17 in a set throughout district. Pretty good accomplishment. JV team went undefeated in district, as well.
  8. With Coach Ross and his staff in place, I have a feeling the kids will stay and play for him. He is doing it the right way, and changing the culture here. Our eighth grade is undefeated on the year, and our seventh grade has only lost a couple at the end of the game. The future looks bright
  9. I had to go back and edit. I thought you meant they were questioning eligibility of a Beckville player.
  10. We have coaches on staff now that the kids will play for, and that will want to stay here and play. 3-4 starters down the road all played Jr. High here, but left for one reason or another. The staff is changing the culture, and with what is happening in the high school and the Jr High, the future looks better than it has in a couple of years.
  11. Fox Southwest Football Friday. Best app to get scores.
  12. Beckville, Carthage,Tenaha,Harleton,Henderson, Marshall and others online at east Texas today.com
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