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  1. 6 rushing Tds. 1 receiving td 7 Tds is 49 points Fuquay hit 7 of 7 X points score was 49-7
  2. Kylan Thomas passing 4 of 7 58 yards 1 TD 2 Ints Rushing Kylan Thomas 13 carries 195 yds 15 avg 4 TD Dee Black 2 carries 167 yds 9.95 avg 1 TD Travon Johnson 4 carries 44 yds 11 avg 1 TD Josh Thomas 1 carry 5 yds Receiving Kenneth Bell 2 for 16 yds Malik Brasher 2 for 44 yds 1 TD
  3. JEFFERSON does their talking on the field............................
  4. Son, you really are drinking the kook-aid. Put you cleats on and focus on Hooks, How do you think your teammates from Colorado feel, they were painted a fuzzy picture by YOUR coach and now they won't play anywhere this year. I feel for those kids, now go to school and think about what has happened to them! Look them in the eye and see how great they think YOUR GREAT coach is!
  5. "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" if momma gets #### off, she may tell the story that will burn a lot of folks,after all, she listened to someone and now those kids careers are done for the year anyway, one was a senior.......just saying
  6. he should have plenty of experience for a 3A coach, Baylor paid him $15.1 Million to leave!
  7. Atlanta is beating themselves with penalties and turnovers according to their Max Prep reporter MV 28-7
  8. Start of 3rd MV intercepts and has the ball on the Atl 26 yard line..................TD MV 21-7
  9. Max Prep Reporter Jimmy Bryan says Atlanta shooting themselves in the foot with penalties and mistakes
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