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  1. Union Grove will surprise some people they have alot of good underclassmen coming up to replace the seniors they lost.
  2. that is the truth and the sox usually blow it after the all-star break.
  3. i am really disappointed in Miami, being a actual fan of Miami. Ginn will most likely be the third reciever while quinn might have started at quarterback.:coocoo:
  4. i feel the raiders will take johnson so the lions will probaly take russell, quinn, or thomas.
  5. i likemiai's unis and but dallas should make the jerseys that they wear on thanksgiving the real uni.
  6. i know but i was just trying to prove a point that just because quinn couldn't win the big game in college and that russell is freakin huge doesn't over take the fact quinn is an overall better QB.
  7. it makes me think about some guys named peyton manning and ryan leaf Leaf: a big downfield passer Manning: a proven quarterback who couldn't win the big game. the colts take manning with the first pick. Manning: Super Bowl Champion Leaf: a Golf coach in West Texas
  8. i hope you KU to the final four not Kansas State
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