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  1. Should’ve took care of business all year.
  2. Let me start this by saying that I don’t think Garrett is a great coach but firing him will not fix the Cowboys problem. The next coach will do exactly what Garrett is doing and that’s doing whatever Jerry tells him to do. I’m as big a Cowboys fan as any of you (even named my Dallas) but until Jerry is out of the picture.......we’re doomed.
  3. Do you really think a new coach is going to fix the problem?
  4. I’ve been thinking this for a couple of years now.
  5. Call Tatum they’ll play anyone anytime.
  6. Jerry doesn’t want a real coach, he wants someone that will kiss his butt!
  7. Looks like he will be. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28183993/source-cowboys-fire-jason-garrett-season
  8. Just one example of me not being confused about feet getting tangled up. If you get butt hurt that easily there’s no way you’d know how to take me in person. Good luck with Bells!
  9. Don’t confuse me with someone that just spouts off. Just let me know if you wanna see more.
  10. Just because you address it doesn’t mean the refs will call it. Kinda like EF’s illegal picks that never get called!
  11. Baseball may not be so far fetched in Waskom, we do have new nurse also. Anyway good luck to EF this week.
  12. It’s not stealing when they come on their on. lol
  13. I know one middle schooler y’all won’t have next year.
  14. I can’t that believe someone from EF would have the nerve to call out other people for sitting to pee.
  15. Probably some of the same parents that were at the volleyball game. Their kid is out on the court dropping the f-bomb and her mom & dad are wanting to fight people. Trash!
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