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  1. Palestine was overrated anyway they got lucky to escape the powerhouse of diboll, diboll had a bad game and poor play calling from the coach, they caught that bear asleep.
  2. what's score now??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dang... crockett was state bound as well as rusk. i wonder how rusk's doin?
  4. Coach Martel made Gilbert sit out first quarter because he missed monday's practice. I think Martel was making an example out of Gilbert.
  5. "Crocketts longest drive was for less than 50 yards. I think turnovers killed em in that game. Diboll will not score more than 14 points, I'll bet you a Fresca." 14 points? on the Diboll's worst offensive game of this year against the best defense in district they scored 17 points.
  6. Defense too strong? That defense didn't stop Crockett from scoring 42 points. If anything it will be a battle of offenses.
  7. I think it'll be a heck of a game.
  8. All I've got to say is that was a great game against Center. Center played their hearts out and never gave up, but Diboll was determined and once they got rolling Center could'nt stop them.
  9. Castillo from Diboll, sophomore, current longest FG 42 or 43 yards
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