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  1. Coach Hooker is a very lucky man today!!! God was smiling down on him last night. He should be thankful to not be going to BUBBAVILLE!!! It's a small town run by small minded folks!!!
  2. You are right Rabfan. He was very kind by making substitutions and not running up the score. We really appreciated what he did. He is a great man and coach. Fans and kids were nice too. Good luck Carthage in the playoffs.
  3. Hey Sharkie, where ya been? Indoor and closed to public. Do you think they will let mamas in? That is just silly to have it closed. I guess they don't want anyone seeing their secret weapons. :thumbsup:
  4. At leave we PG snobs don't double post the same thing. :notworthy:
  5. Thanks SpringhillDad. These boys work hard all season, everyday and every game. No slacking around. Good job Coach Jones, Coach Phillips and Coach Deal. OH, and GO HAWKS!!!!
  6. FYI the AD at QC retired for medical reasons that are beyond anyone's control other than God's!!!
  7. I would like to add that there are some wonderfully supportive great people in QC, along with some great kids. It is the small few that stir up trouble and don't know what they are talking about most of the time that run their mouth not caring who is in the way especially when they have their own adgendas. I am sorry if i offended any of you sensible folks, it was not my intent.
  8. You QC folks never cease to amaze me. I have seen first hand what the new AD has done for your school and if you think this is his fault or the wife of the Supt. you are as nutty as the rest of them. You couldn't pay me to work there, not because of the Admin, but because of the people. Did you know that Charles Manson, Jim Jones and Tony Alamo all had a large number of folks backing him, but look at what kind of folks they were. This baseball coach got what he deserved. It was HIS actions and ONLY his actions that got him fired. Give credit where credit is due. A guy that has had 10 jobs in 1
  9. From what the boys were told he has been at 10 schools in the last 12 years. I did not hear him say this, but that is what he told the boys. Wow, that speaks volumes to me. Sometimes we as humans have a hard time taking responsibility for our own actions and like to blame others when we really need to look in the mirror and reexamine ourselves.
  10. No getting rid of to it. Got rid of would be correct and yes IMO it was a smart move by the administration. Hang in there QC!!! Football is right around the corner.
  11. Thanks Colmesneilfan1. Go Hawks!
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