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  1. This firing makes no sense at all. Top coaches that the Bucs have fired in their recent history: Dungy Gruden and now, Smith. Like Mooch said on NFL Network, "What are these owners looking for? We certainly don't know."
  2. It has been quite a while since I posted anything on SDC but I would like to ask what everyone thinks about the racial divide issues and violence in Ferguson, MO, NY, and other areas of the U.S. I see this administration and others pushing the racial divide instead of trying to heal it. I can see a dangerous path being laid out where the violence escalates to a level where martial law could be instituted to quell the violence. Far fetched? Definitely. Impossible? Absolutely not. What are the ultimate goals of this administration? I think it is not improbable that Obama wouldn't be opposed to declaring martial law and be a dictator type of leader. What are your opinions (liberals, conservatives, moderates and otherwise)?
  3. I saw a report today that the coach of the jr colts had been suspended for six months for the leading the team in cussing chants and another coach, I think the jr broncos head coach, had been suspended for one year for encourging his players to injure opposing players. I'm happy to see the league's governing body taking action.
  4. There was good effort in the Pro Bowl this year. The draft, playing against team mates, and the other tweaks made it enjoyable. The fiasco two years ago set this in motion so I am glad the worst pro bowl ever happened after all.
  5. You couldn't miss her if you were blind, deaf and comatose. I would sit in the visitor stands if she was part of a team my child was a part of. lol.
  6. I already can't stand that woman. She is the epitome of a bad sports parent. I do like that the Outlaws coach spoke to her about her behavior and I love how the Outlaws play as well. Very hard hitting team. The Outlaws and Predators head coaches are the only two that have showed any class so far.
  7. I have absolutely no issue with being a tough coach. The team follows what you preach/teach and if you practice tough (hard hitting, hustle, and hardwork) you play tough. That is what should be happening. The issue I have with cussing (even if they hear ten times worse at home) is that as a coach you are supposed to be a good role model for these athletes, especially with athletes as young as this. They will learn from your example and for some of these athletes the coach may be the only positive/good role model they have. The cussing, poor sportsmanship, teaching dirty, injury causing play, and other idiocy is not setting the right example for the athletes. For example, The Jr Colts head coach actually had his team chanting, "F-word the Rockets" and he didn't censor the word at all. I had to watch that twice to make sure I wasn't hearing things. I could not believe a grown man would have elementary aged kids chanting such a thing. Each to their own but I would never let my child play for this league if it condones such behavior.
  8. The only issue I have seen with Hispanic athletes is their understanding of the game. American football isn't in their culture, most can school you on soccer but the rules and ideas of American football, basketball, etc. are often little known to them when they reach the Jr. High level. They don't go out for youth football and other youth sports aside from soccer. They don't play football in the back yeard. Many Hispanic students are great atlhletes but are starting way behind the other athletes that have been exposed to the sport through watching it and playing it. That is the challenge for all schools like Mt. Pleasant, to attract the Hispanic athletes, then teach fundametals and develop their talents beginning at the Jr. High level.
  9. There is a huge difference in tough coaching and the idiocy portrayed on this show. I have only seen a couple of coaches, on this show, behave with any type of class or dignity. I am sure everything is hyped up. All the craziness is good for ratings. The thing is you have to have something to start with to hype it up. This show puts a glaring spotlight on the things that give "youth" coaches a bad reputation. The winning at all costs, even encouraging the young players to try to hurt other players. Hard hitting play is a far cry from attempting to intentionally injure someone. Teaching sound fundamentals, toughness and instilling a love for the game should be first and foremost for this age of children. A coach can do all of those things without cussing, showing poor sportsmanship, or teaching "dirty" play. Those of you who say you would have your child play for these guys might have a different view if you were in the stands with your child being exposed to this kind of behavior from the coaches and some of the parents. I can honestly say my sons would have never played for any of the poor examples this show has as coaches.
  10. Just like so many things related to the Cowboys, this is way overblown and overhyped. Garrett being the HC and not the HC/OC is a step in the right direction. The lack of in-game, on-the-fly adjustments hurt the Cowboys last year, freeing Garrett up to analyze a wider range of things while not having to focus so much on play calling should help in this area. Hopefully this is a successful change, as well as the change in defensive coaching staff and scheme. I am looking forward to the season.
  11. Strahan over Haley? You have to be kidding me. Strahan has good numbers and the record for sacks in a season but Haley is the only player to earn 5 rings. Five rings that he was a part of in winning, he wasn't just a warm body on the bench. I would have picked Strahan and Haley over Carter and Sapp but that's just my opinion.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/halloffame/story/0ap1000000134272/article/warren-sapp-bill-parcells-among-seven-voted-into-hall-of-fame Awesome to see Larry Allen make it as a first ballot HOFer but it is still a travesty that Charles Haley gets snubbed again.
  13. I often wonder if the German people were as clueless as our American society is today. Clueless defined as being apathetic to government policies and decisions that truly change the American way of life. So many Americans have no clue, nor interest in anything outside of what Honey Boo Boo or what ever other ridiculous celebrity is doing or anything outside their small little bubble of life. Whatever the cause, whether it is work, family, or relationship issues that have so many distracted, it is beyond ridiculous. So many have the opinion of it doesn't matter what I do, I'm not going to change anything and the other vast majority is of the opinion that, I don't care as long as the government money keeps rolling in. If so many continue to be apathetic, I see very bad things in the future for our beloved country.
  14. Witten is the best TE the Cowboys have ever had. Nothing against Novacek, one of my favorite Cowboys all time, but he wasn't the same caliber as Witten. Witten is a good blocker, not great but better than Novacek. If Alvin Harper was so great, why did he disappear when he left the Cowboys? It was because he wasn't a #1 WR. Your opinions on the past Cowboys players seem a litte off there MPfan.
  15. Monte Kiffin and now Rod Marinelli, I like the hires... especially Marinelli.
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