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  1. Coach Hag of Tatum always host a good meet..hedaman
  2. I think one should consider putting Pine Tree in District 13. They could be a little more competitive there instead of "throwing them to the wolves"
  3. Don't have 2 cents to offer but just wondering who would be in the district with teams like Pine tree, for example
  4. Look far back to Dizzy Dean (whether he had a degree or not) he couldn't even speak the King's English very well but he made a great commentator at the ball games You are right. Rick does cover Longview. I had written Rick's name, but in error put Gilmer instead of Longview. Thirty lashes for me. I know the deadline on weekdays is 10:45, but I also know I was told the deadline on Friday nights is 11:45. I guess they told me wrong. Man, I have been lucky to get anything in if I had the wrong time. I'm glad you filled me in. I will have to start getting things in quicker. As far a
  5. Just wondering how many sports writers does the DMN have to cover these 250 schools:unsure:
  6. Don't think I could even think of moving to Dallas just to get the Fri nite scores:ugh:
  7. Seems to me if a coach wanted to have their game stats in the LNJ Saturday morning he could always delegate the responsibilty to an assistant or parent, to be sure it got there by deadline...Friday
  8. In defense of Spring Hill: Who DIDN'T get killed by Gilmer this season
  9. As DeusDeLAGridiron was pointing out...it wasn't too many years ago Longview was in a 4-team district:wacko: :wacko:
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