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  1. OK, to give the ball away to Van a couple of times and still beat them like they did I gotta admit the Lions seem to be peaking at the right time.
  2. A group of some of the best players in all of Texas goes into a playoff game thinking the other team is just there to lose and go home? Wow. That attitude will get you beat somewhere before the last game.
  3. Did anyone go to the board meeting last night? Any info to share?
  4. Really? So they score and never kick off to Whitehouse? LOL
  5. Roundball! That's what Henderson will be playing after this weekend. Hopefully their BB players are in better shape than this.
  6. Are you being mentored by a JT fan?
  7. Like I said, people have not given Van much of a look all year.
  8. No. Good offense, no defense, but still NO.
  9. Running great for me now. Thanks
  10. It's possible it could be that close but it could be much worse.
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