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  1. I thought they were going to keep the coach that was hired last year to take Malones place when he was let go.
  2. Maybe a GED would help as well it sounds like.
  3. The sup. is not dan noll. He is old news. The new news is the current sup. the one that has everyone looking over there sholder. the one that has everyone spying on each other if they want to keep their job.
  4. IMO the sup. is a people person not a kid person. He does things for the people not for what is best for the kids. He has gotton rid of or tried to get rid of coaches that a parent might have a problem with. He doesn't think about the kids repecting the coach or how the kids would do anything to win for that coach. Just let one parent go to the sup. and your job is in trouble.
  5. Alot of people think you start at the bottom and work your way up to fix problems. Wrong they need to start at the top and work their way down. Yes I do see the school board making some changes but they are working at the middle of the problem and need as I have said "work at the top and work your way down.
  6. Crue I do understand what you are saying. But 1 or 2 can hurt the intire process. ! or 2 can rune the whole thing from athletic to academics. The problem is that nothing is being done about the one or two that Everone knows about. And yes I do know about ND in the past. ND was a place where parents and kids wanted to go. And coaches two for that matter. But now with what is going on at the coaches stand point, why would any good coach want to go there if it is going to be for one year, then look for a job.
  7. I just don't see how things can be going in the right direction if the same thing keeps going on year after year. It's kind of like a coach told a kid one day:" if you keep doing the same thing wrong every day, every time, how do you expect to ever do it right". Now I do understand that you have to learn from your mistakes. I just do not think there is very much learning going on.
  8. Take a shower and they have new coaches at ND. Can you say 5 years 5 different girls BB coach. Give the kids a break. How can the girls ever learn a system if there is a new one every year. Now they let the Boys BB coach go and they have to hire a new Baseball as well. WHAT IS UP?:hmmm:
  9. Great news on Coach Carter. This man has a great personality and very much respected. He can get the kids behind him. If athens hasen't been winning, get ready to see changes. Good luck Coach.
  10. I just hope Coach Anderson dosen't buy a house in Kemp. AD's don't last long enough to get the grass to grow in the front yard.
  11. How about New Diana beating number 2 in the state Harleton? Will that set things on fire?:whistle:
  12. Last week they had it on the news that law makers are trying to take corporal punishment out of Texas school. IMO the lawmakers have tried hard to make sure kids are not spanked at home or they are taken away. They have pretty much taken it all out of the school system. Know they want to take it all out. I raised my son pretty much by myself. (divorced) His mother screemed at him when he did something wrong instead of punishing him. I disciplined him instead. Now he gives his mother fits on his visits and I have to take care of things when he gets home. I will tell you this, me and my
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