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  1. Thanks, I agree, we are lucky to have him. :D Good luck to Daingerfield and Pewitt in their quest for state.
  2. Prayers from New Boston. Such a sad time.
  3. All's well here in New Boston. No Flu! Thank goodness! Go Lions!
  4. New Boston vs Lucas Lovejoy - Friday, May 14 - Paris Jr Collage 7:00 - one game - GOOD LUCK LIONS!
  5. New Boston and Lucas Lovejoy in the area round.
  6. New Boston @ Liberty-Eylau game time changed to 4:30 this afternoon.
  7. :thumbsup: Inspirational! :happy65:
  8. Did MV and Pitt get their game in? I know that LE and Atlanta play today at 4:30
  9. I guess the game picked up where it left off from the rain delay?
  10. Prayers from New Boston. Good and friendly man. What a ref! He will be missed. :(
  11. What was the outcome of the LE/Atl game?
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