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  1. Why didn’t they just keep the format the way it was and update it? So frustrating.
  2. As much as I’d like to pick Sprang Hill for the dub, I’m gonna have to go with the dirty birds of Scabine by 10.
  3. Rivercrest beats Alto 5-4 in game 2 for the sweep. On to the next one.
  4. Dude, they went 0for in basketball. I’d fire the coach too.
  5. Rivercrest 8-3 & 7-4 in a doubleheader over Beckville last night. On to round 3.
  6. He didn’t even win against weak teams in pre-district. He went 0for. What’s your point?
  7. The fan was at least 6’ foot away, so it’s ok.
  8. The finalists were actually Connot & Birdwell. Your sources aren’t great
  9. I just don’t see RC hiring someone this quick. But, they’ve known about Connot leaving for about a week or so, even though it was just announced to the public recently. I just don’t see them skipping an extensive interview process and hiring Baca right after Connot makes his announcement.
  10. The Dollar General parking lot, probably.
  11. Dude, we’re talking about Rivercrest here. This isn’t Allen, SLC, or Carthage. They aren’t going to hold an emergency meeting to name the AD/HC.
  12. You were the one praising him and what he’s done. When there is speculation of who may be hired, it’s the norm to discuss what the coaches have done.
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