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  1. They were mentioning the possibility of him coaching his son in the future. I am thinking he stays long enough to do that.
  2. Congrats THigh. Looks like the seeding played out about like one would expect. Both #1s winning going away and 2s narrowly defeating the 3s by 1 score.
  3. I was reviewing past scores for both teams. Miller gave up 76 points to 2-8 Beeville, who otherwise rarely scored half that. The two big score playoff wins for LBJ were against teams with losing records, 3 wins. They definitely looked fast but apparently Miller could make a lot of teams look that way. Its really hard to say how it will play out. But if their corners are that good they can stack box against run I guess. Course there are replies to that too. Should be fun.
  4. Miller goes on 4th down from ANYWHERE. Once from own 12 while tied.
  5. They go for 2 on every TD it appears.
  6. I started thinking about post game perceptions after this is over. Of course, the winning team will be able to say "I told you so", and the losing team will be able to say "we could have/should have (fill in the blank)". If Lindale wins, having won both a district championship and a fourth round playoff game over the same opponent, both big stage games, you would have to say Lindale, for this year, in terms of head to head results, was the better team. However, there is no denying that both teams are very very good this year and either is capable of beating the other on a given night.
  7. I will actually go under on 80. I think the defensive coordinators will both have adjusted their schemes from what they saw last time. I still think a good number of points will be scored, just not quite what was put up last time. Something like a 35-31 game, around that score. Unless we get OT, which could lead to higher scores.
  8. A toss up. Pretty evenly matched. Going to come down to who makes the fewest mistakes. It will be great to have the district well represented afterwards regardless of the outcome. If both teams execute well may see OT. Too close to call.
  9. He may well be, but I am hesitant to place the GOAT tag on any player very easily. There are so many circumstances to take into consideration. Lindale dropped a division. They have as mentioned a great offensive line, which makes a huge difference. Certainly they have made it to third round but faced a fourth place and runner up and face another fourth place team this round. In 1981, Lindale was 9-0 but unfortunately shared a district with eventual state champ runner up Gilmer and only 1 team went to playoffs. So all the teams Gilmer beat to get to the final were district champs.
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