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  1. Brownsboro scored on a 79 yd run extending their lead to 41-22 (xp no good).
  2. Brownsboro scored on a 36 yd play to extend their lead to 35-22 (xp no good).
  3. Atlanta fumbles on their own 41 to give Brownsboro good field position.
  4. Brownsboro scored on an 84 yd catch and run and then converted the 2pt try to take the lead 29-22
  5. Atlanta fumbled inside the Brownsboro 20, the Bears recovered with :07 left in 3rd.
  6. Atlanta did get the ball back and they are driving, still in the 3rd.
  7. Atlanta has been called for illegal participation which wiped out a 60 yd Brownsboro punt that would have put the Rabbits at their 3 yard line. Now its 1st and 10 for the Bears at the Rabbits 38.
  8. Atlanta scored on a trick play, an end around pass to take the lead 22-21. The 2 pt conversion failed.
  9. Brownsboro scored to end the half 21-16
  10. I'm a hooks grad but i am working for the atlanta radio station so if you know the score i would love to get an update thanks
  11. Atlanta scored on a 1 yd qb sneak to go up 16-14
  12. After a failed 4th and 1 by Atlanta, Brownsboro scored on a 31 yd td run to go up 14-9
  13. Scoring Sum. Brownsboro hit a 78 yd td pass early to go up 7-0 Atl answered with a 34 yd td run by Falls to tie it at 7 Brownsboro tried a reverse on the kickoff and fumbled and recovered on their own 2. Atl tackled the Bears in their end zone to take the lead 9-7
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