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  1. How is New Boston's basketball team this year?
  2. I heard the day he got hurt was his birthday also .. Is that true? How old is he?
  3. And I have see you and WW talk on Texas prep xtra a while back ago and it does seem like yall gave a grudge against each other but theres no reason to take it out on the pirates
  4. The only way the pirate county was touchy was by knockin the #### out of someone .. and i bet if you was on the field against them they would knock the #### out of you to .. they have some hard hitters .. But now you are acting Just like WW and bein .. Well again i cant say the words on here but everyone knows what you are bein :thumbdown:
  5. and you notice he hasnt said anything in a while eathier .. and i know your not beatin on Simms .. Simms has a real talented team and will have a even beter team next year .. It'll be a good one between Simms and Maud .. Does anyone know how maud will turn out next year?
  6. I wouldn't say a loser but its putting a bad name on Bowie
  7. Is Simms being fitted for rings, or opining about what might have been? And yes .. but a different kind of rings .. its called class rings .. lol :bounce:
  8. We all know what assumeing means but i cant say it on here lol ... but yea i understand where you are comming from but everyone has jealous people on their side .. hate to say it
  9. Hey now don't be talkin trash about simms bowie.. they are a good team to and like i said in my last poll we both lost to the same team .. who knows what might have happened if they played someone else
  10. Good luck to Cayuga, I think Bowie County and yall got off on the wrong hand, lol.. but yall have proved to us yall are a really good team and have a lot more respect .. now go win state!!
  11. Good job cards!! i know we are rivals but we are also neighors and friends .. we cheer for each other until we face each other lol .. i think yall did a outstanding job this year and made a school record by makin a undeafeated season at the school .. If we was in yalls situation we know you'd cheer for us to.. just gotta ignore some of the pirates fans as they make us look bad ... But dont worry the same team knocked us out of the playoffs to lol ... Good luck next year everyone!!
  12. Just out of curosity .. How did Blake Hill get hurt and how hard was the hit??
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